Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups – The Lover

Knight of Cups Upright


Lover, Love, Romance, Charmer, Lady’s Man, Troubadour, Gallant, Chivalrous, Knight-in-Shining Armour, Proposals, Dreamer, Idealistic, Imaginative, Poetic, Admirer, Courting, Wooing, Worshiping, Peace Loving, Gentle, Warm, Affectionate, Tender, Emotional, Sympathetic, Caring, Calm, Gentle, Sensitive, Harmonious, Spiritual, Psychic, Artistic, Creative, Fashion Conscious, Refined, Tactful, Diplomatic, Gracious


Ask Someone Out for a Romantic Evening, Feel the Love, Be Tender and Affectionate, Woo your Lover, Use your Imagination, If you have been Blessed with Creative Abilities then develop them; Sing, Dance, Act, Paint, Write, Be Generous, Kind and Sympathetic with Others, Be gallant. Take Love out of your Head and Heart and Express it , Follow your Heart, Get in Touch with Your Feelings, Make an Effort with your Appearance, Do something Really Romantic, Now Might be the Time to Pop the Question, A Calm and Gentle Approach May be Necessary, Be There for Someone and Offer your Shoulder to Cry On. Use and Trust your Intuition, Develop your Psychic Abilities,

Personality Profile

The Knight of Cups is the Fiery part of Water. Therefore he is taking action on his feelings. Here we see a handsome and intent Knight aboard a calm and relaxed grey horse. The Knight’s clothing and armour looks fine and beautifully detailed indicating the Cups love of fashion and creativity. Fish emblems cover his tunic connecting him to his element of Water. His horse needs very little direct control as this Knight tempers its high spirit with love and kindness. He holds his cup out in front of him as an offering of some sort or other. The sky is clear and he is about to cross a river.

This Knight is in no rush. He takes his time and rides carefully and slowly which allow him to get in touch with his feelings and desires. The wings on his helmet and boots symbolise his intuition and imagination.

The Knight of Cups can suggest it is time to follow your heart, time to get in touch with your sensitive side, time to act on your feelings instead of daydreaming about them.  The presence of the Knight of Cups in a reading will indicate that there is a lot of emotion involved in the situation.  Because the Knight is prone to excess we must ask if the level of emotion is appropriate for the situation and whether his energy is helpful or harmful. Too much emotion can be difficult to live with so he may be a sign that balance is required.

This Knight may be about to propose or offer you something of emotional value. It could be an invitation to a dance or social occasion. It may be the offer of romance, partnership or even a job that holds special meaning for you.

In relationships, the Knight of Cups idealises love, is caring, calm and gentle. He will be sensitive to others needs and likes harmony. He will avoid conflict at all costs. He is comparable to the Troubadour who rode the lands penning love songs and poems for queens and princesses. He will do the same for you but it will be more like wining and dining, roses, chocolates and silly cards. He loves romance and all that goes with it and can fall in love on a regular basis.  If the Knight of Cups is attracted to someone he does not just sit there thinking about it like the Page might do.  Because the Knights are action related, this Knight will make his move.  He will woo the subject of his admiration for as long as it takes.  Notes of love and romantic gestures will be made until his subject caves in and falls under his spell.

However, this may all be a means to an end. Like the Page before him this Knight can also have the reputation of using charm and romance in order to seduce. If so, he will be gone in the morning as the Fire energies come in encouraging him to move on.  When we see the Knight of Cups in a relationship spread we must question the nature of the relationship and how committed this Knight is likely to be and whether his intentions are pure or self-serving. His charming nature and behaviour can easily enchant and beguile so he will be hard to resist. To be fair to this Knight he may just be emotionally immature and view life, love and romance through rose-tinted glasses.  His idealistic view of love may result in him having difficulty finding the right partner as few will ever come up to scratch.  By the time he evolves into the King he will have learned this lesson.

Career wise this Knight is highly gifted with wonderful creative and imaginative abilities and talents.  His love of fine dressing could find him carving out a successful career as a fashion designer or model.  He will make an excellent hair dresser and could easily work his way to the top in this industry.  He is artistic, poetic and takes inspiration from all around him.  In his positive sense he genuinely cares about people and will try to create a harmonious atmosphere wherever he can.  He can also use his creative abilities in the kitchen and may be found expressing himself through the culinary arts. A Head Chef or specialising in elaborate cakes would play to his artistic side.  He is well-known for his melodramatic outbursts so these industries are well suited to him.

The Cups are drawn to the water so a career in and around the sea, lake or canal may be attractive such as marine biology or fishing. The Cups love acting and dressing up so a career on stage or on-screen will allow them to express this creative aspect of their personality.

The Cups by their very nature are naturally psychic and intuitive so this Knight may be involved in spiritual practices or the psychic arts. He is also a very good counsellor or and social worker

If you have applied for that dream job or college course, then the appearance of this Knight in a reading could very well suggest it being offered to you.  This is something that will make you very happy.  If this Knight is suggesting a work atmosphere then it will be welcoming, calm, harmonious and balanced or creative and artistic.

As a description of a person this Knight will again be aged between 22-30 years of age with fair hair and blue/green eyes.  He is romantic, poetic, imaginative and creative. He feels things deeply. He will be a soft, gentle person who speaks quietly and calmly.  He will be quite sensitive and not afraid to show his feelings or feminine side. He will often appear refined, immaculately dressed and fashionable.  He takes his time and is not prone to hurry.  Obviously these descriptions apply to his positive side so we must remember that like all the Court Cards they do have  a negative and when it comes to the Knights these negatives can be quite extreme.

If travel is involved then this Knight can suggest journeys over water or through wet weather.


Knight of Cups Reversed

Seducer, Cad, Cavalier, Artful, Ruse, Flirt, Lust, One Night Stands, Cheating, Deception, Con Man, Commitment Phobic, Flighty, Recanted Proposals, Broken Engagement, Un-Requited Love, Emotionally Dysfunctional, Impractical, Un-Realistic, Moodiness, Tears, Emotional Outbursts, Sulky, Petulant, Broody, Melodramatic, Fanciful, Day Dreamer, Delusional, Sweeps Problems Under Carpet, Rose-Tinted Glasses, Can’t face Reality or Confrontation, Can’t Handle Stress,Sex/drug/alcohol abuse, Effeminate, Homosexuality, Narcissism, Vanity   

 When the fiery side of this Knight takes over he finds commitment very difficult and he cannot deliver that which he promises. A proposal or engagement may be broken. He is likely to confuse love with lust and he can blow hot and cold in relationships. Seduction and one night stands become a way of life. However, the impatience of the Fire energy may influence him to become overly enthusiastic too early into a relationship. Impulsive decisions can follow with proposals or marriage. With little long-term thought given to his decisions he may live to regret them – Act in Haste, Repent at Leisure.

This reversed Knight can suggest un-requited love, cheating or deception.  If love is un-requited, this Knight can fall into a morose depression and can suffer real heart-break and deep rejection. His capacity to experience emotional hurt can be extreme and he may find it hard to get over an old flame.

If the Water becomes extreme in this reversed Knight then tendencies to moodiness and tears will be evident. Emotional outbursts will become commonplace and he will feel emotionally insecure. He can be moody, sulky and oversensitive.  His imagination can become over active and will make mountains out of mole hills or exaggerate situations just to make a drama out of them.

The Knight of Cups reversed can lose touch with reality and indulge in senseless daydreams and pie in the sky ideas. That book he is always going to write or how he is going to make it big in the movies any day now are all fantasies as they never amount to anything.

The reversed Cups all have the capacity to use and abuse sex, drugs or alcohol if they become emotionally dysfunctional.  If they are denied real love, and this may be from childhood, they will attempt to find a replacement for it elsewhere. There may be too much partying going on and burning of the candle from both ends in an attempt to suppress their unhappiness.  The reversed Cups also have difficulty letting go. They also find it hard to forgive and forget so they can carry around their emotional baggage for a long time and will project it onto others blaming a new partner for what an old one did.   Their emotional wounds can take a long time to heal.

On the other side the Knight of Cups reversed can be weak and underhand in relationships when he realises it’s over or loses interest.  Instead of having the courage to come out with it face to face he would prefer to send a break-up text, ignore your incoming calls and avoid your local haunts.  This Knight does not like confrontation so will do his best to avoid a show down with you.  By the time you find out he is no longer interested he will already have moved on to his next conquest.  The Knight of Cups reversed is often known as a cad, womaniser or heart-breaker. He is emotionally immature.

This Knight may also be guilty of being overly romantic which may be cute and wonderful at the beginning of a relationship but can get bloody boring and tedious after a while. His feminine side can become top-heavy as a result and he needs to balance this out with some manly or macho behaviour by bringing in the Fire energies.

This Knight of Cups can be quite vain but when reversed can become almost narcissist.  He may be in love with himself more than he is with you.  It will be all about him at the end of the day.  He can also represent homosexuality as the feminine energies of water become abundant or in excess. It can indicate that you are literally coming out of the closet with whatever it is you have been hiding.

This Knight may be guilty of nothing worse than been creatively blocked.  His natural flow or source of inspiration is at present unavailable to him.  He needs to calm down and find balance once more and it will soon return.  Connecting with his element Water by spending time near the ocean or lakeside may help breakdown any such blocks.

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