The Knight of Swords

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The Knight of Swords – The Fast Thinker

Knight of Swords Upright


Blunt, Direct, Honest, Lawful, Assertive, Communicative, Chatty, Talkative, Cool, Swift, Speed, Hasty, Rebellious, Problem Solver, Heroic Action, Single-Minded, Authoritative, Incisive, Decisive, Scientist, Knowledgeable, Expert, Ambitious, Risk Taker, Focused, Courageous, Intelligent, Intellectual, Debater, Analytical, Logical, Ideas, Clever, Sharp,  Witty, Tension, Anger, Arguments, Law Officials, , Living by One’s, Flying by the Seat of Your Pants, Wits, Military, Soldier, War


Stop Think about What you are going to Do, Just Do it,  Go For it, Analyse All the Facts, Seek Expert Help or Advice, Don’t be so eager to get involved in Arguments,  Be Honest in all your Dealings, Get Straight to the Point, If you have Something to Say, Say it but be Respectful of Other People’s Feelings, Make Sure you Know what you are Talking About, Fight a Good Cause and for the Rights of Others, Especially those who Cannot Speak for Themselves, Be a Hero, Education is Important, Quick actions or Decisions Need to be Made, Don’t let your Mouth Run away on You, Think Before You Speak, Don’t engage in Idle Gossip,  At Dinner Parties or Social Gatherings don’t let a Casual Discussion turn into a Heated Debate. Listen to what Others’ have to Say, Pay attention, Drive carefully and don’t be in such a Hurry all the time, Don’t leave Everything to the Last Moment, Slow Down 

Personality Profile

The Knight of Swords is the fiery part of air. That is a combination of thought and action. The Knight of Swords rides the fastest horse of all the Knights. His horse is depicted in full flight and the Knight rides him forth as if into battle. His sword is upraised and his mouth open as if saying “Charge”. The weather looks stormy. Grey clouds race through the sky and the trees in the background are blown by the strong wind. His red cloak suggests the passion he puts into the battle. Quick action may be required when this Knight appears. With little time to think it may be time to jump in or out of a situation.

He is restless and impatient and by the looks of him way too eager to engage in battle. As Fire influences Air, he may have a habit of rushing into things without giving much thought as to how they will turn out. He is not only fleet of mind but also fleet of body and would be seen as a whirlwind of activity and talk. He represents the type of guy who asks you a question but before you have time to answer he has already mentally moved on to the next question he intends to ask and so hears nothing of your reply. His eyes may dart this way and that as he speaks to you and you may feel quite drained after he leaves.

He is an intellectual with good communication skills. He is the quickest thinking of all the Knights and can be assertive and forceful when he wants his own way. He has a habit of getting straight to the point and calling ‘a spade a spade’ as he does not mince his words.  He is an authority on many subjects and is honest and frank in his dealings with others although his immaturity may have him come across as a “know all”. He can be cynical and sarcastic when he wants to as his tongue is razor-sharp.

The Knight of Swords is well read and up to date on current affairs.  He has an opinion on everything and his mind is a whirl wind of activity.  He is always busy and has places to go and things to do. He is constantly on his phone and seems to be able to keep track of several conversations at the one time.  He thrives on mental and physical stress.  Like the Knight of Wands he can be daring and is a risk taker.  The horse he rides resembles a thoroughbred so speed is important to him.  Flying, mountain climbing and skiing excite him. He also like fast driving and will be a fan of Formula 1 sport.

Together with the King of Wands and the Emperor of the Major Arcana the Knight of Swords can represent Aries and Gemini if found with the Lovers.

In love this Knight is attracted to his partner not so much by looks but by her intelligence, personality or a quirky sense of humour. When this Knight sets his sights on a love interest he make a bee line straight for her so he would suggest you do the same rather than dither and wait.  If you wait too long then someone else is bound to find her attractive too and you might lose out.  Get over there and introduce yourself. However, the Knight of Swords would not typically be romantic as he finds most displays of affection silly and embarrassing.  Holding hands, soppiness and tenderness do not really fall into his territory.  He is more clinical and business like in his dealings with partners. Long chats and discussions over dinners or meals sustain and entertain this Knight. He will probably be the last to leave the restaurant after a night out oblivious to hovering staff while he engages in debate and challenging topics of conversation.

The problem with this Knight is that once his curiosity has waned, he is bound to lose interest and be on his way. He has the ability to sever a relationship overnight in a cold aloof manner and not look back.  When this Knight says it is over (and he is not afraid to say it to your face) believe me it is over. You won’t find him texting you two weeks later to see how you are.

The Knight of swords may also indicate a partner who comes into your life for only a short time. If you recognise your partner as this Knight enjoy the time but be prepared for the moment when he will mount his horse and take off into the sunset.  He may also suggest that your partner is a pilot or involved in the air force.

Career related he will enjoy any career which requires him to think and act fast. Research, politics, law or communications would interest him. A career in media or radio would suit especially as a slick talking and energetic presenter, talk show host or quick-witted Disc Jockey.

If this Knight appears when you have a decision to make about a job or career change then you need to act fast.  Sometimes a window of opportunity opens in such areas but only for a short period of time so swift movement may be required of you.

The Knight of Swords is single and sometimes bloody minded.  In this card we see him set his sights on his quarry and takes chase.  Nothing is going to get in his way or steer him off course.  Is there something you desire or a goal you have set?  If so then you must pursue it will all your might and not let yourself be side-tracked by others.  This may be in relation to a relationship, career, purchase or dream.  However, your determination is to be admired but remember that others will be affected by any decision you make so tread carefully as someone may get run over in the rush.

This Knight can suggest travel in windy or stormy weather.


Knight of Swords Reversed

Negative, Mentally Un-Disciplined, Mental Confusion, Chaos, Insensitive, Rude, Hurtful, Tactless, Sarcastic, Cynical, Cutting, Critical, Talk is Cheap, Lip Service, Meaningless Words, Un-educated, Manipulative, Forceful, Self-Serving, Bully, Blamer, Insincere, Dishonest, Threatening, Aggressive, Intimidating, Arrogant, Superior, Criminal/Unlawfulness, Mentally Dysfunctional, Violence, Reckless Speed, Accidents, Injuries, Remorse, Physical and Mental Exhaustion, Mental Health Issues, Soldier, Henchmen, Assassin

Here we find the negative and volatile aspect of combining Fire with Air in the potentially explosive reversed Knight of Swords.

This Knight reversed can be found rushing headlong into all situations. He can cause chaos and upset wherever he goes and lets his mouth run away with him. He talks without thinking and can hurt whether he intends to or not. His careless use of words may have him digging big holes for himself. He is tactless, rude, sarcastic and insensitive to the feelings of others.  He has a habit of promising things and then forgetting all about them. His words are cheap and he certainly has enough of them. Lack of mental and physical discipline is a constant problem for him and he achieves little. Intelligent as he is the Knight of Swords reversed is aware of this and can become impatient, frustrated and aggressive as he blames everyone around for his own problems.  He takes advice from no one but forces his opinions and ways on others.  By nature he is a bully and self-serving.

If this Knight slowed down for a few minutes and let his mind settle he could apply his reason and logic but the Fire is being fanned by the Air in this Knight and he can easily be out of control.  He is in a hurry to be everywhere and anywhere but nothing ever comes out of all his rushing about.  His speed could find him prone to accidents so he needs to be more careful in his actions.

He can be shallow and insincere.  He can fight other people’s battles without invitation and end up causing more trouble than anything else. His fiery temperament can have him blowing the smallest thing out of all proportion. This can result in temper outbursts and tantrums. He can become nasty and bitter and quite a dangerous enemy.

In relationships he is intimidating, insensitive and often aggressive.  He uses threats and mind games to control his partner and is great at off loading any responsibility for his part in the situation with his fancy and complex use of words.  He will be critical of his partner’s appearance, attitude or behaviour. He will always have the last say in an argument and never apologises as his overbearing arrogance makes him feel superior. In his most negative aspect he can use his Sword to inflict physical pain along with his insulting and demeaning words. He demands obedience and compliance at all times.

This Knight may just find it hard to commit as his mind has not settled on what it is he is looking for in a partner.  He may also prefer being single as a way of life.

In work you may be charging ahead with an unworkable idea or plan and refuse to listen to advice or take on board anyone else’s opinion.  This is the typical office bully or tyrannical boss.

Too much rushing around can lead to mistakes and if we look closely this may well be the reckless young driver or ‘Boy Racer’ showing off to his friends as he endangers all their lives. This volatile Knight travelling at such speed while brandishing his Sword can result in violence, accidents and injuries.

On the other hand speed may have caused this Knight to make a mistake and he may have fallen from his horse. He now has plenty of time to think of the damage he has done as his horse bolts off into the distance leaving him alone with just his thoughts as he runs out of steam. He may be tired of battle and his horse too, exhausted from being overridden. If he has fallen from his horse, then he may have landed on his own sword causing him to understand the pain he has inflicted on others with it.

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