The Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords

The Intelligent, Assertive Fast Mover & Thinker 

Knight of Swords Upright

Air SignsGemini, Libra, Aquarius


Together with The King of Wands and The Emperor of the Major Arcana The Knight of Swords can represent Aries (fiery energetic and determined) and Gemini (quick thinking/talking, mentally alert, changeable) if found with The Lovers.



Sudden Arrivals/Departures, Blunt, Direct, Honest, Lawful, Assertive, Communicative, Chatty, Talkative, Public Speaking, Vocal, Literal, Cool, Swift, Action, Speed, Rush, Hasty, Rebellious, Going against The Flow, Problem Solver, Throwing yourself into the Heart of an Issue or Situation, Plans in Action, Strategies, Quick Thinking, Fast-Paced, Forward Thinking, Ahead of The Rest, Making a Get Away, Getting Out Quick, Single-Minded, Bloody-Minded, Fanatical, Obsessive, Perfectionist, Critical, Focused, Authoritative, Incisive, Decisive, Scientist, Educated, Knowledgeable, Expert, Ambitious, Risk Taker, Courageous, Intelligent, Intellectual, Debater, Analytical, Logical, Ideas, Clever, Sharp,  Witty, Tension, Anger, Waging War, Arguments, Battle, Dispute, Duel, Attack/Defence, Law Officials, , Living by One’s Wits, Flying by the Seat of Your Pants, Military, Soldier, War, Heroic Action, Warrior, Champion, Crusade, Rabble Rouser, Dashing, Daring,


Prepare for Battle, Fight for What you Want, Stand Up for Your Rights, Stay ahead of The Posse, You will need to put your Fears Aside and be brave, Time to Jump in or Jump Out of this Situation, Stop Thinking about What you are going to Do and Just Do it, Go For it, Don’t be side-tracked by Others, Fly in the Face of Convention, Keep Focussed and do not Waver, Find a Logical Solution to your Problem, Overcome any Obstacle that Stands in your Way, Be sure of What you Want before you make your Move, Quick actions or Decisions Need to be Made, Strike While the Iron is Hot, Actions have Consequences,  Be aware of Making a Hasty or Impulsive Move, Get out and Away as Fast as You Can,  Put as Much Distance between You and this Situation, You may Have to Act Alone in this Instance, Speak Up, Express Your Opinions, Get Straight to the Point, Make Sure you Know what you are Talking About, If you have Something to Say, Say it but be Respectful of Other People’s Feelings, Cut to the Chase and Call a Spade a Spade, Don’t let your Mouth Run away on You, Think Before You Speak, Don’t engage in Idle Gossip,  At Dinner Parties or Social Gatherings don’t let a Casual Discussion turn into a Heated Debate. Listen to what Others’ have to Say, Respect the Opinions of Others, Don’t be so eager to get involved in Arguments,  Why are you Always Stirring Things Up, Stop Looking for Trouble, Come Down off Your High Horse, Don’t let Pride make you Do Something you will Regret, Don’t alienate those Around You, Analyse All the Facts, Seek The Truth, Seek Expert Help or Advice, Be Honest in all your Dealings, Stay on The Right Side of The Law, Maintain High Standards and Principles, Expose Corruption, Champion a Good Cause, Fight for the Rights of Others (especially those who cannot speak for themselves), Be a Hero, Education is Important, Pay attention and Look Where you are Going, Drive carefully and don’t be in such a Hurry all the time, You are Heading Into Trouble,  You are Courting Disaster, Get Out While you Still Can, Don’t leave Everything to the Last Moment, Slow Down, Is it  Time to Leave?



When The Knight of Swords appears in a Reading, he carries strong urgent messages with him and you need to determine whether you are The Hunter or The Hunted. His messages vary greatly and it is always advisable to consult surrounding Cards before deciding what he is trying to tell you.  So we will explore as many of these messages as possible.

Straight off This Knight can arrive to give you the thumbs up or the go ahead to put your plans into action. He tells you to look to the future now and go for it. However, even though thinking ahead is to be commended in this instance, try not to get too far ahead of yourself. The impetus is to act now but stay aware of what is going on around you at the same time. You may have to adjust plans as new developments present. All in all, it is time to make your move and put your ideas to the test. It is a case of now or never when he appears and you will have to rapidly jump in or out of a situation.

The Coming and Going of Issues

One message that can be simply attached to this Card when it appears in a Reading is that it suggests the imminent arrival or departure of an intense, urgent or serious situation. The Knight in this Card can be perceived to be either coming or going, and it really depends on its position in the Reading, along with the surrounding Cards. However, if this Knight has passed through your life for one reason or another, it is not something you will have been unaware of. His energy is quite disruptive even if you are experiencing his presence as exciting and action packed, instead of stressful and full of conflict.  Having his energy around you for any prolonged period of time is bound to leave you feeling drained and exhausted. Your nerves could feel shattered and you are probably in need of a good night’s sleep. This could be the result of having visitors to stay, a situation or event you have managed to get entangled in, a dispute or argument, or perhaps a legal or medical issue that is leaving you feeling anxious and worried. There really is not much rest and relaxation to be had during the time This Knight is on the scene. Whether he is representing a person, situation or atmosphere, he will have much more energy than you. You will find it increasingly hard to keep up. His presence is often sudden and unexpected, so there may have been an element of being caught off guard or by surprise by whatever energy he has brought, or will bring into your life. If he is hurtling towards you at great speed then you will have little time to prepare for his arrival or organise yourself, which will leave you having to think and act fast. If he is just departing the scene, then you are close to surveying any damage he has left in his wake as he does have a tendency to upturn things in his rush. Close the door and heave a great sigh of relief. Then let the dust settle before you check the inventory of your life.

Under Pressure

The Knight of Swords can suggest rushing and being under the pressure of time and deadlines. You may have taken on too much and find that you can approach none of your tasks at a normal speed. The faster you are moving the more rushed your speech is too. You might find that you are shouting at people and barking orders and instructions. Words may be tumbling from your mouth as it struggles to keep up with your racing mind. There is just not enough time to do all you have to do. This may be out of your control to a certain extent as we all experience times when we do not have a second to think straight. However, you may have a tendency to leave everything to the eleventh hour and then have to go into overdrive to achieve it all. You may be running on empty and no doubt people are telling you that you are going to kill yourself if you don’t slow down. You may not fully realise how harried your life is for it may have been building for some time and your pace now seems normal. You could be in danger of crashing and burning. You will need to check to see if your life is out of balance. Check now to see if you can sit still for more than a few minutes.

Express Yourself

The Knight of Swords appearing in a Reading can suggest that now is a good time to communicate your ideas and plans to a wider audience. Don’t wait for others to hear about you, or for the word to eventually spread. Instead you must ride out to meet the people, knock on doors and express yourself in a voice that is loud enough for everyone to hear. You must break onto the scene in a wild flurry of activity, making heads turn and people sit up and pay attention to you. This is not the time to be shy and retiring, embarrassed or worried about what others might think of you. Draw yourself up and feel confident about your abilities. Act assertively and demonstrate how much you are in control and in charge. However, be sure to fully know what you are talking about. No dithering or vagueness. You must have done your research thoroughly and be able to effectively answer any questions that are thrown your way.

Act Now

The Knight of Swords brings a rush of fast-moving energy into a Reading which often requires quick action on your behalf. He could be telling you the time for thinking is over and that you must now move. You have wasted enough time and have probably talked yourself dry in the process. Everything that needs to be said has been said and there is nothing left now but to go for it. You must face head on, any fears you may have for swift action is required. However, there is a difference between making a decided informed move and making a hasty impulsive one. You must know when to act and when to wait.  If you feel justified and righteous in this situation, and you must examine your heart and your intentions to determine this, then you should feel free to proceed with much haste. If you have done your homework and put in the necessary effort, this Card can be an indication that your ideas and plans are beginning to take shape, and that now would be a very good time to get moving on them for much can be achieved. Your goal could very easily be in sight and you are free to progress towards it now. However, this is really not a good time for tedious detail as a restless energy accompanies this card. Yes, you must be razor-sharp in your observations but the idea is movement now and not standing around examining and fussing over every little thing. You have moved past that stage when this Card appears. You will now have to think and act at the same time which is something you will be eager to put to the test.

Quick Decisions

The Knight of Swords may suggest that a sudden window of opportunity has opened for you leaving you in a dilemma as to what to do about it. You may think the time is not right or that you are not fully prepared. You may be given very little time to decide whether you will take advantage of this opportunity or not which is bound to leave you in quite a tizzy. This is a spur of the moment thing and you will have to think fast. What are you to do? With the clock ticking in the background you may be concerned that you will be left behind if you do not jump on board. You must find balance in this situation and not let someone force your hand. Their argument may come across as very convincing, but you really need to have some clear grip of the facts before you commit yourself. However, there is no time to be in two minds about what you want to do.  This situation requires a rapid, if not instant decision on your part. It is best if you try to separate your emotions from the matter as they could cloud your judgement. A big part of you is fired up and madly excited about the proposal, but here you should exercise caution so that you do not get carried away. You are bound to feel impatient and frustrated under this energy. Analyse the facts laid out before you and think logically about the situation. Use your common sense, your powers of reason, and your natural critical eye to observe any inconsistencies or flaws in the plan. Look to the surrounding Cards to see if they support your own thoughts. Should you decide to go for it, full commitment is required of you. You better have a lot of energy to sustain you for you will have to give it your full attention. You must be fully behind your decision otherwise momentum will be lost and it may fall flat on its face. A lot of mental and physical energy is required of you right now.

Going Your Own Way

It could be time to strike out on your own, sail your own ship, make your own way and carve your own future. You could feel tired of being held back by everyone from doing what you want to do. This could result in you getting very hot-headed and making a hasty decision. Be careful you do not slam shut any doors or burn any bridges behind you as you rapidly depart. There is also a tendency to say things you may later regret under this influence simply because life is not happening fast enough for you. You may grow extremely impatient with everyone, or with the slow movement of a situation and try to push or force it. You may take matters into your own hands and attempt to bend, control or use manipulation to get what you want. You risk alienating yourself from others in the process. You need to calm down and take a step back from the situation. This may help you to see other’s opinions or views. You appear to be thinking very much of your own concerns in this matter and must remember that it is not all about you.

Tackling Problems & Finding Solutions

The Knight of Swords often brings a battle cry with him or a call to arms. This does not necessarily mean physical battle or hostilities. It can simply reflect that problems or obstacles to your advancement have been thrown on the path in front of you. These may appear very challenging and daunting, leaving you stressed and worried as to how you will proceed from here. Under the influence of this Knight you must not let anything block your progress. Instead of panicking about the situation and tearing your hair out with stress, use your head to come up with a logical solution.  If there is a problem find a way to fix it. Now is the time to draw up strategies and plans to overcome any difficulties. You can and will find a way, but some of it will require having a steely nerve and guts. Under, over or through should be your battle cry for turning back or stopping is not an option. There is a way and you must find it. Action must be taken in a short space of time otherwise the energy will dissipate. So too will your nerve. You can achieve a lot once you remain fired up with enthusiasm and determination. Get yourself out of this mess as soon as you can.

Seeking The Truth & Rallying Support

When The Knight of Swords is drawn in your Reading, he may be reflecting your desire or determination to get to the truth of an issue or situation. You might be exercising your powers of perception and discrimination to find answers. It is for sure that you are fed up waiting for someone else, or the powers to be, to act in this instance. You have decided to do your own investigative work and have resolved to leave no stone unturned in your pursuit. You are demanding answers and explanations of all those involved. You will not stop until you get to the heart of the matter. You might be demanding that justice be done or endeavouring to expose corruption around you. Now is not the time for sitting by and doing nothing. You feel fired up with a desire to get fully involved now for you know that you can make a difference to the outcome. Enough time has been wasted as it is. There is a fearlessness about you at present and a total disinterest in the middle man. Instead you want to go straight to the top, or those directly involved. Hearsay and speculation is not enough anymore for you need to meet face to face and hear it from the horse’s mouth.  However, even though you feel you are on a worthy crusade, you must try to rein yourself in a little. Don’t go in with all guns blazing or throwing accusations at everyone concerned. Listen to what people have to say, their side of the story, before jumping to conclusions. You feel so incensed and angry at present that you may step on toes and make the matter worse. You could easily stir up further trouble with a gung-ho attitude.

Following on from above, you could now be in a position where you need to gain the support or backing of others. You might need their help, or possibly see where those around you could help but are not. A job may not be getting done, a situation is being let get out of control or run down, a cause is being neglected or an incident overlooked. You have a keen eye and strong observational skills, but you also are a powerful communicator who is articulate and eloquent in speech. You may need to rally the people to action by presenting a very convincing and stirring speech or public talk.  It might come down to just lifting the phone and calling everyone on your contact list. You could also use your equally superior writing skills to launch a social media campaign. However, you are best at face to face interaction where you make an instant impression with your honest, direct and straightforward approach. You have a good speaking voice that draws and holds the attention of all so why not put it to good use.  Just avoid getting into other people’s faces. You may feel strongly about the situation but do not expect others to come up to your exacting standards. Everyone must find their own way. Also, you may want their backing, support or presence right now, but as willing as they are to help, they may be busy right now. You will have to be patient. Coming across as obsessional or fanatical will turn people off.

Acting Rebelliously

You might also feel that you have to fight a battle alone, that no one is on your side. This Card brings out your rebellious nature. It could be you against the world at large and you must ask why this is? Are you sure that the battle is worth it or are you just drawn by the chance for a good fight? Is it a justified battle? Why is no one on your side? You might be in the wrong. Be careful of letting an overly dominant ego get a foothold.  You may feel invincible and that you can take on the world right now, that no one is going to get the better of you, but this may simply be a dented pride getting in the way.  You could do something very stupid or challenge the wrong person. You might end up cutting off your own nose to spite your own face. Maybe it is time to come down off your high horse and apologise where necessary.  However, if you truly believe that you are in the right, it could be a case that no one else wants to get involved, or is afraid of the consequences of standing beside you. If this is so then there is nothing to do but stand up for yourself and demand justice.  Your battle may alienate you from others and make you unpopular. You will probably have to face a lot of opposition so you better prepare for much confrontation and disagreement. This could be a lonely path you walk but you may not be able to live with yourself if you fail to act.  You could be going into battle because of your strong principles, morals or ethics. You may be trying to right a wrong or highlight a serious issue. You have to act conscientiously and do the right thing.

Being Dramatic

The Knight of Swords often suggests drama and disruption. Everything seems very serious right now or maybe it is how you perceive it to be. You might be obsessing unnecessarily, thinking intensely or overly concerned about a certain issue. You could be making mountains out of mole hills. There is also the tendency to exaggerate under this influence and will feel irritable and impatient. Paranoia might be involved making you touchy and extra sensitive. You are likely to overreact or over respond to the slightest stimuli or annoyance. You might see veiled threats everywhere and take all comments too personally. The world could be out to get you or against you.  This Card often reflects a personality who is constantly in the middle of a drama or chaos. They seem to attract or woo it, and no matter where they go, they always have a crazy story to tell about what happened to them. Nothing is ever straight forward, ordinary, or simple in their life as they walk from one wilder situation to another.

On a Rant and Forcefully Driving Your Point Home

The Knight of Swords may appear in your Reading when you are caught up in an on-going rant about something or someone. You certainly are riled up and quite sharp-tongued at present. Something has really stirred you. No one around will be able to escape or pretend not to hear you as you vent your feelings about a particular subject or issue. You may feel very strongly, incensed or just passionate about the issue. You will definitely want to express your opinion and could easily think you have the most valid point to argue over.  There is a risk of becoming quite fixated or fanatical at this point. It may be all you have to talk about as you repeat yourself over and over again, or approach it from every possible angle. You may care little for listening to anyone else’s viewpoint or opinion, so convinced are you of your own righteousness. This could result in you acting dismissively with others as you irritatingly wave aside their argument, or fail to allow them the courtesy of communicating their views without constantly interrupting with interjections.   You can easily become quite condescending in your dealings, rigid in your stance, and constantly on your Soap Box. Under this influence you just barrel on, forcefully driving your point home whether they want to hear it or not. You might have little time or interest in stopping to listen to anyone else. Others will find it impossible to get you to budge on the issue or situation, as you are determined not to change your mind or give in. Highly opinionated and fired up with a bloody, single-minded attitude, you might think you know it all. You may also think you know what you are doing, where you are going and certainly do not need the uncalled for input of others. Here you may be wrong. You are giving this issue a lot mental energy and could be too close to the situation to view it objectively. You might need to step back before you do or say anything you may regret further down the line.

A Warning & Applying The Brakes

Following on from the above, The Knight of Swords can sometimes act as an urgent warning when he appears for you in a Reading. If surrounding Cards support this interpretation it can suggest that you are not looking where you are going. You could easily be riding to your ruin, and because you are travelling at such speed, it may be quite difficult to halt you in your tracks. Like your horse, you too could have the bit between your teeth and might find it hard to apply the brakes. You have built up some momentum for good or bad, and those around you could see you as a runaway train. You could be riding out on a Fool’s errand or heading in the opposite direction of where you should be going as you seem to blatantly undermine your own interests. You might have it all wrong, accusing the wrong person or chasing a nightmare instead of a dream. Your quarry may have got away, your ship sailed, and now you are simply wasting good energy.  You could be chasing after something that doesn’t exist.  You might also be too eager to sign documents or contracts without scrutinising them thoroughly. You may not have stopped to think what you are about. There is a chance you are not in full control here or that someone else is pushing all your buttons. You have become single-mindedly focussed on a certain quest and can see nothing else. You may refuse to listen to advice or warnings from those around you as you saddle up your horse and prepare to ride it to hell. When this Card is Upright, all hope is not lost. Quick action can be taken to take the glide out of your stride and bring you to your senses. It will take a lot, but it is possible if the right person can talk you down. It is obviously more perilous when The Knight of Swords is Reversed. The Knight of Swords departs a situation very fast and may be advising you to do likewise. He may be telling you to get out fast while you still can and put as much distance between you and a situation or person. Someone may also be making a quick getaway after causing trouble.

Waging War

The Knight of Swords is obviously a Card for engaging in battle, rows, arguments and hostilities. When he appears under this energy, he suggests that the issue has already blown up and that you and others are already caught up in it. It may have gone past the stage of talking about it. Negotiation may have failed as those involved arm themselves to both defend and attack. The Knight of Swords is certainly on the attack and is probably provoking the situation. He may have been the catalyst for trouble, even though he would like to think others are to blame for the current state of affairs. You might have a reputation for being argumentative or easily riled. People may be wary of getting into a discussion or debate with you as they invariably end up escalating into rows with raised voices and heightened emotions. It can be a sign of hot headedness and being bloody minded. You will need to watch this tendency as it will taint your reputation.

This Card suggests an angry dispute which will bring much confrontation and fiery engagement with the opposition. There is a very tough personality at the heart of this issue, and one which will need careful handling to bring to heel. There may be a feeling that it has all gone too far or that the action is too excessive or extreme. If you are under attack from this Knight of Swords then only fight back if there is a serious issue at stake. Defend yourself by all means, but this Knight’s desire may be to antagonise you sufficiently to get a reaction that will only encourage more hostility. This is not a personality you want to have as an enemy, for this Knight, whether Upright or Reversed, is extremely clever and super intelligent. He has the capacity to outsmart and out-think you on every level and can make a dangerous adversary. Tread carefully. Even though he insists on prodding you with the point of his Sword, try not to give in to knee-jerk reactions for you will be playing right into his hands. This Knight excels in this arena, and regardless of whether he was once your friend, or that you know you are in the right, he does have the ability to swiftly and severely cut you off at the knees. If the battle does not have any true and just cause, step out and away from it.

Heroic Action

There is the chance however, that this Knight, whether representing you or another is highlighting your selfless behaviour. You could be racing to the rescue of another, acting heroically in a situation, putting yourself in harm’s way to protect others or volunteering for a perilous mission. This time you have heard the call and responded. The Knight of Swords can act as encouragement to surprise your enemy by bringing the battle to them instead of waiting for the first attack. He talks of firing the first shot, not being afraid of bringing matters to a head and being prepared to rock the boat. He speaks of psychological warfare and the need to know your enemy and how they are likely to respond to a given situation. Your enemy may appear to have better resources than you, more Fire power or money behind them but you can still prevail once you come up with a clever plan or strategy. You must remember that battles are fought, lost and won on many levels.  You must stay ahead of the posse at all times and assume success.


The Four Knights are often connected with weather and travel. In the case of The Knight of Swords expect travel to be rough or stormy so use extra caution when driving or cycling. Flights may be turbulent or cancelled due to high winds and storms. If sailing, consult relevant forecasts as sudden offshore storms could descend upon you with little warning, regardless of how calm it may appear as you head out.

The Personality

The Knight of Swords represents a restless and impatient personality who can appear to be a constant whirlwind of activity.  People might see him/her as hasty or impulsive. Here is the fast walker and fast talker. He/she has a tremendous amount of mental and physical energy to burn and is always on the move. He/she could seem to need to be everywhere at the same time, in and out of cars, constantly on the phone and never able to sit still for a second. This personality bores easily and needs constant mental or physical stimulation to hold their interest. The same cannot be said about them for boring is one thing they definitely are not. They can entertain their audience for hours with tales and anecdotes of their ongoing adventures. They are a chat show host’s dream guest. However, their constant comings and goings can leave your head in a spin.

This person has a very fast mind that is constantly churning over facts; analysing and critically assessing. He or she has a mind that is teeming with ideas, plans, and strategies and is the best got to person for a rapid quick solution to a problem. With a razor-sharp manner of assessing a situation he/she can compartmentalise all the relevant factors and come up with a perfect workable plan to address all key areas. This personality can bypass all trivial issues and zoom in to the heart of the matter which impresses all around. He/she have a logical way of looking at everything. This trait comes naturally as they can separate their heart from their head when making decisions, so rarely let emotions colour their thought processes. They make decisions or reach conclusions very fast and like to put their plans into action rather than deliberate over them indefinitely.

Here is a personality that is ready for action and eager to charge ahead. He or she work towards very fixed goals and can become quite zealous in their pursuit of same. Rarely do they let anything or anyone stand in the way of what they want to do which can make them very headstrong and single-minded. However, this personality has very high standards and principles which they will be quick to defend and protect should anyone dare challenge them. They seek the truth in all matters and will systematically root out corruption and dishonesty wherever they find it. This will find them involving themselves in matters whether invited or not for they cannot stand by while others are taken advantage of or abused. They might see everything as their problem and also the solver of all problems. Ready and willing to be the hero, they are the champion of those who cannot assert or defend themselves. He/she has a natural desire to right all the wrongs in the world and to find a better way of living for humanity. This personality will make a wonderful friend that anything can be asked of. They will come to your rescue at a moment’s notice, be there to offer you their expert advice and opinion, but should you get on the wrong side of them, cross them or disrespect them, they can make a fierce adversary who will not be prepared to walk away and let a situation or issue go. Neither will they forgive too easily, and a longstanding friendship can be severed quite abruptly with little chance of reconciliation.

Often overly eager to engage in battle or arguments, they are quite superior when it comes to verbally expressing him/herself.  This personality has a lot to say and is highly opinionated.  Whereas he/she respects the opinions of others, he/she will find it hard to defer to them for he/she likes to get his/her own way. Here is an intellectual with excellent communication skills and a keen interest in politics and current affairs. Strongly academically inclined, they may come across as an authority on many subjects. He/she possesses a naturally brilliant mind and a rapier sharp wit and retort. He/she is the quickest thinking of all the Knights and can be assertive and forceful when he/she wants his/her own way. This person has a habit of getting straight to the point and calling ‘a spade a spade’ and does not mince their words.  Although frank, outspoken and direct in dealings with others, immaturity may have them come across as a “know it all”. He/she can be cynical and sarcastic when they want to as their tongue is razor-sharp. It really depends on what mood he or she is in. They may come across as friendly and very approachable one day, only to snap your head off with an abrupt or curt comment the next. You may feel stung by their treatment of you but they do not see where they have caused the hurt. However, their own personality can be hypersensitive to criticism and will readily fall on a casual comment made by someone turning it into a big deal and drama.

Even though his/her mind is constantly on the move, it may appear that he/she is a better talker than a listener, but this would be an unfair conclusion. He/she can do both equally well and you may be quite surprised to discover they can recall everything you said in a given conversation even though he/she was tapping furiously on their computer at the time. They are bound to have the very latest in technology and will update their phone once it is replaced by a newer model. In fact the phone is one of his/her best friends. It can appear to be surgically attached to their ear as they are constantly on the phone and well able to keep track of several conversations at the one time.

This personality thrives on mental and physical stress.  He/she is fearless, bold and courageous which can make them quite daring or risk takers. Speed and potential danger attract and enthral them.  Flying, mountain climbing, hang gliding, horse racing and skiing excite them. He also like fast driving and will be a fan of Formula 1 sport, rallying and motorbikes.

Love and Relationships

When The Knight of Swords appears in a Relationship Reading it can be a positive sign that love is heading your way and that you should be on the lookout for when it appears in your life. Someone new is bound to be appearing just over the horizon that will certainly turn your head and set your heart all a flutter. It could all happen very fast and you must be prepared to seize the opportunity when it presents itself to you. As this Knight can represent the coming and goings of issues and situations, he can also suggest that a partner is getting ready to depart, has just departed, or is at the very least thinking about it. His or her thoughts will not be far behind their actions so you may have to prepare yourself for the inevitable. If this Card is representing a departure then there will be nothing to be done to stop it for the person has very definitely made up their mind. You will need to look to surrounding cards to determine which is which, but generally you will be in little doubt as to where you stand. You may be looking to the cards to have your suspicions confirmed.

In love this Knight can suggest that it is intelligence and personality that attracts you to someone and not necessarily their looks. This is not saying that appearances mean little to you. On the contrary, you like your partner, whether male or female, to be well-groomed and a sharp dresser in well-cut tailored clothing. However you are also drawn to one with a quirky or eccentric style of dress and an equally quirky sense of humour to go with it. Actually, humour is very important to you even though you may come across as quite serious a lot of the time. Your type of humour is not the average slapstick version, but rather more sophisticated and intelligent.  Along with intelligence being a main attraction when seeking a partner, there is also a certain weakness for an interesting accent. A voice is very important to you. Much of your courtship will be spent in conversation so it is essential that you are happy to listen to your partner for hours on end. An expressive voice is favoured over a droll monotone and even though you enjoy talking about yourself non-stop, you will want to hear all about your partner, their likes, dislikes, opinions and views. Being a good communicator and conversationalist is vital to the success of your relationships.  If you are drawn to the person represented by this Knight then you must not think you can just sit there looking pretty or handsome for a lot more is expected of you.   What goes without saying for all the Swords Courts is that they must be kept mentally stimulated if the relationship is to last any significant length of time. Therefore an all-round knowledge is desirable along with keeping up with current affairs.

This Card can suggest that you bore easily in relationships and possibly lose interest once the initial intense stage has died down. There may be commitment issues. You can enjoy the thrill of the chase more than the capture. Therefore you often play hard to get and prefer a partner that presents a challenge during the initial stages of courtship.  When being wooed by this Knight you will be intrigued by the methods he or she uses to capture your attention or your heart. It is really full on, and once this Knight has set his or her sights on the one they desire, they will embark upon a relentless pursuit. He will find it hard to take no for an answer and will be persistent until he wears down the focus of his attention.

Following on from the above, this Knight’s presence in a Relationship or Love Reading can suggest that you act like him. If you feel attracted to someone then maybe you should make a bee line straight for him or her. Don’t sit around waiting to be noticed by them. If you dither and wait, all may be lost and someone else might move in instead. So get over there and introduce yourself before someone else does. Make your move now instead of later for there is nothing like just going for it.  Put your irresistible charm to good use but if you do not get a favourable response first time, do not be instantly put off. He or she might be playing hard to get. Then again, resist the urge to come on too strong. Find the right balance.

Generally speaking, the person represented by this Knight of Swords would not typically be romantic as he finds most displays of affection silly and embarrassing.  Holding hands, soppiness and tenderness do not readily fall into his territory.  He is more clinical and business like in his dealings with partners. Long chats and discussions over dinners or meals sustain and entertain this Knight. He will probably be the last to leave the restaurant after a night out. He is, on the other hand very passionate and has a high sex drive so there will be plenty of excitement and activity in the bedroom. His high energy will leave you quite exhausted, but happy.

The Knight of Swords is an incurable flirt and knows how to charm the opposite sex with his eloquent speech and penetrating eyes. He often goes on the hunt and one would need to be very perceptive to catch him out. However, one of his giveaways when out on the prowl is his inability to maintain eye contact with you when speaking. His eyes prefer to scan the crowd and check out if there is anyone more interesting than you. This is the complete opposite to him when he is genuinely interested in finding a partner. Then he only has eyes for you and no one else. You may also notice too that he zones out as you are talking to him. After all it is not your conversation he is interested in at this stage, so don’t fool yourself. Even on his best behaviour he has a habit of finishing your sentences for you, or interrupts before you have a chance to finish what you want to say. He is always ahead in the conversation and even though you may think he is not listening to you, he is well able to assimilate all you say. His mind works so fast that he is able to form a reply or response instantly and is impatient to vocalise it. He does find it hard to wait.

When it comes to waiting this Knight can be too impatient. He can suggest a tendency to act hastily or impulsively in relationships. He can be too eager for love and can become quite fixated on the subject of his desire. So much so that he can easily ignore warning signs or the sound advice of others. He will jump feet first into a relationship with little thought given to compatibility. In his rush and excitement he can promise the sun, moon and stars but will find it hard to deliver. He can suggest crazy schemes where love is concerned and can be found eloping or running off with someone totally unsuitable or inappropriate. However, if you have agreed to run off into the sunset with this Knight you may find yourself, and your packed suitcase, all on your own as he fails to turn up at the rendezvous. His mind and mouth can run away with him and he can easily forget what he said. He can act extremely immature and irresponsible even when he is Upright.

The Knight of Swords can often represent a love rival or competition. He does not take too well to others moving in on his territory and will be quick to respond to any provocation. With his pride dented he will move to defend his honour and can be quite bloody in his tactics. Here is the Knight who challenges his opponent to a duel. Even though he may decide to wash his hands of you afterwards, he is not prepared to let the interloper away. A full-scale battle can ensue and things can turn nasty.

The problem with this Knight is that once his curiosity has waned, he can lose interest and is eager to be on his way. This can leave you devastated. The change in feelings can happen rather rapidly. At the outset of the relationship, he can often represent a partner who enters your life-like a whirlwind and sweeps you off your feet. His presence in your life will be full-on and you will be caught up in a spinning wheel of activity and social engagements. This Knight will enthral and excite you. Be prepared for telephone conversations that will last until the wee small hours of the morning for you will never tire of listening to him. However, this level of intensity and high energy cannot be sustained, and once the initial fascination wears off, so too can the conversation. You will probably sense that the end is nigh for their behaviour can change quite dramatically, from being all over you and totally consumed, to a cool indifference and off-handedness. Suddenly the phone calls and texts dwindle or stop altogether. This Knight is often mentally ahead of his physical side which means that he or she can already be moved on quite some time before their body has caught up with them. There will be no mistaking the signals he or she will send off for they have little interest in hiding their cooling ardour. He will not stay around just because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, so it is pointless trying to use emotional blackmail with this Knight.  He has the ability to sever a relationship overnight in a clinical, aloof manner and not look back.  When this Knight says it is over (and he is not afraid to say it to your face) believe me it is over.  If you can accept that this Knight is only entering your life for a short time, and if you are not looking for a long-term commitment, then there is no harm done. Enjoy this heady time but be prepared for the moment when he will mount his horse and take off into the sunset.  Bear in mind that this Card may be representing someone other than you so apply the information as necessary.

The Knight of Swords can also represent a partner who is in the army or Air-force and only home on flying visits or leave. This can have a disruptive effect on your life depending on your personality although time spent together when home can be action-packed and exciting.

This Knight may be difficult to deal with. He or she can be a bit of a perfectionist and therefore quite critical of everything and everyone around them. When they give a compliment it is well worded and carefully executed to maximise the full effect. You will be in no doubt that you are being admired and is genuinely given. However, depending on the mood or situation at the time, or if something is displeasing to the person represented by this Knight, a caustic or cynical remark can be delivered with a rapier sharp directness, and is intended to strike to the very heart. This often happens when a couple have a difference of opinion or The Knight is being challenged or thwarted in getting his or her own way.  It also happens on social occasions and in company when someone says something out-of-place, looks at him the wrong way and even when service is slow in a restaurant. Going out can become very stressful.  He or she can be cutting and rude, causing instant distress to their partner who is shocked by their stinging comments. A fiery temper can blow up out of nowhere followed by heated rows and arguments. This Knight would be famous for his temper and will insist on having the last word. He can become quite physical too as he slams doors and has a habit of storming off in anger. This is often an indication of immaturity.

Career and Business

The Knight of Swords often appears in a Career Reading to confirm that you have set very definite goals for what you want to be. You probably have fixated on achieving this goal from a very young age and are now focussed and driven in your pursuit of it. It suggests you know what you want and how you are going to get it. The Knight of Swords represents an extremely ambitious person where career and business are concerned. You are very single-minded and sometimes bloody-minded in this area. You have your sights set on your quarry, your career/business, and are now in full pursuit of realising the dream.  You are a go-getter and nothing is going to get in your way or steer you off course at this stage. In fact there is no stopping you and it appears your desire is to go to the very top of the career ladder. This Card would suggest that you are well on your way and have a building momentum behind you.  However, under this influence you can become very self-absorbed and pay little attention to others in your rush to career success. There is a danger of you riding roughshod over the feelings and needs of others. You may leave hoof prints on the backs of anyone who remotely wanders into your path. Don’t alienate those around you by being insensitive or uncaring.

If The Knight of Swords appears when you have a decision to make about a job or career change then you need to act fast.  Sometimes a window of opportunity opens in such areas, but only for a short period of time, so swift movement may be required of you.

The appearance of this Card can also indicate a situation where there is high competition for a particular job or position. Should you wish to secure this position then you must work hard and act fast. You will need to put yourself way ahead of your opponents, and yes, you may view it as having to go into battle to secure it. This will involve you well arming yourself with all the facts and information as well as researching well. You certainly do stand out from the rest, and probably only need to give a very good interview at this stage. However, The Knight of Swords in the present economic climate with diminishing employment or career opportunities, only those who are constantly monitoring the scene will become aware of new openings. Therefore you need to be very alert and vigilant. The early bird catches the worm so insist that you are notified as soon as there are any updates in ‘situations available’. Be prepared to react or respond immediately and have your paperwork, CV and references completely up-to-date. You need to get yours in ahead of everyone else.

Another aspect of The Knight of Swords where Career is concerned involves sticking your neck out or slipping your foot into a door opening. You may get your neck chopped off or your foot crushed in the door, but if the career or position of your choice is not coming to you, then you may have to make the first move and take yourself to where it is all at. This involves taking a risk by cutting out the middle man, the employment agencies for example, and applying directly.  Not everything is advertised. Put your mind to good use and come up with a plan or strategy. Find out who are the decision makers, the movers and shakers, in the companies of your choice and send personal letters of introduction, followed up by phone calls. Be persistent, but do not harass, and there is a good chance that you will be granted at least an audience, if not an actual interview. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So, get out there and start letting these companies know you are alive and just what they are looking, for even if they don’t know that yet. You may have to push your fears and insecurities aside and show them what you are made of. Let them see how determined and committed you would be if they would just give you a break. You may have to offer to take on all the work no one else wants to do and all the running, but here you can show your true worth. You have what they call in Ireland as ‘the gift of the gab’ which means you can talk your way into our out of any situation. You are in effect an excellent communicator so make it count.

The Knight of Swords often suggests working as a journalist on the pursuit of the latest ‘hot story’. He can also be the courageous and brave war correspondent who stands side by side with the forces on the front line so that they may keep the world informed. This special version of The Knight of Swords gains access into the most notorious and dangerous conflict zones to secretly film evidence of massacres and human rights abuses. They heroically put their life on the line each day and can be the only source of truth in horrifically corrupt leaderships and terrain. They often get killed or taken hostage in the pursuit of exposing corruption and tyranny.  They become the voice for those who under threat and fear of reprisal cannot speak for themself.

The appearance of this Card can suggest that you are working towards a tight deadline. You have been given a task, project or mission which involves a lot of time management. You may think that there is too much to be done in the given time but you can achieve it if you totally focus on the workload and keep your head down. For the moment there is nothing but work, and you will have to forget or ignore all your friends and acquaintances that seem to be out enjoying themselves or relaxing. Your time will come too, but for now you must give 100% commitment. On the other hand, you may have left everything to the last-minute as you run around like a headless chicken trying to complete end of year accounts, monthly statements or that lengthy report you should have started weeks ago. Mistakes can easily be made under such pressure.

The Knight of Swords can also represent the whistle-blower in a work environment or can be a message to you to do likewise if you have encountered any wrong doings, underhand behaviour, discrimination or unethical work practices. Don’t just stand by and do nothing about it, even if it does not directly concern you. You must do the right thing in this instance.

This Knight has the makings of becoming a very successful Solicitor and Barrister. His ruthless pursuit of the truth and the facts make him a born natural in this position. His quick paced mind and highly articulate communication skills leaves him quite a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. As a police officer or detective he has an impeccable record and a reputation for always getting his man.

The Knight of Swords can be quite stressful to work alongside if he is fiery and bossy. He can be impatient with those who do not think and act as fast as he does. This can make him intolerant and snappy with his work colleagues or staff as he is constantly giving out about something or other, and shouting at those who get in his way or upset his day.

As a boss he has extremely high energy and can be a bit of a workaholic. His standards are also very high and he can be quite a perfectionist. When he gives an order or instruction he expects it to be carried out immediately. He has a critical eye and an often serious nature. However, he is approachable and prefers to hear when there is a problem rather than have staff try to cover it up, even if his initial reaction is irritable or explosive. He prefers to call a problem a challenge and seems to thrive on coming up with ingenious solutions. He also enjoys chairing staff meetings and excels at motivating his staff who is under no illusions as to what is expected of them. In his Upright Aspect he can be a tough task master but will be extremely fair in his dealings with staff once they are fair and upfront with him. Once his trust has been breached, the offending staff member will be hastily shown the door and he can be quite brutal in his handling of any treasonous behaviour. He suffers no fools and has little or no time for trivial pettiness between staff. He also hates a liar or manipulator who he can spot at a great distance. He is the type to pile overtime on you without a thought, but will as readily give you the day off should you be experiencing a problem at home. This may not be because he is trying to be nice, but rather deems you to be less productive if your mind is elsewhere. To him it makes complete sense as he can separate his heart from his head. He will look after his staff once they look after his interests. The Knight of Swords can have two distinct sides to his personality which he can switch on and off at will. On staff night’s out he often lets his hair down and joins in the party where he is the life and soul of the party. He enthrals and amuses all with his wit and humour. However, he will probably drink less than everyone else and takes in everything that is going on around him; who is with who, what they are saying and who is making a fool of him or herself. He makes mental notes and files them away in his brain for use at a later date.  He sees everything and forgets nothing. When work does resume, he will instantly revert back to his normal business-like self.

When The Knight of Swords appears for you in a Business Reading he really does give a good indication of what you are about. You are running with a business idea that you feel very confident about. The planning and discussion stage is now over as you actively begin to put it to the test. You may be launching a new business or branching out. You feel fired up with enthusiasm and there is bound to be a lot happening right now. There is also a sense of urgency and impatience with this card and you may have grown tired of waiting for things to happen. Others may have held you back or there was a mountain of red-tape to get through, but here you are now and free to make progress. You know what you want and how to go about it.  You are speeding ahead and intent on making up for lost time.

On the cautionary side, be careful of moving too fast or running with an idea that has not been thought out sufficiently. There could be high-risk involved in the Business Venture so you need to be aware of what is at stake before you do something you might regret. Hasty, impulsive decisions may come back to haunt you. You may also be trying to push a business too fast too soon if you feel that it is not taking off as quickly as you had hoped.  You might be trying to launch too soon or at an inappropriate time. Be patient in this instance and let it evolve naturally. You have to walk before you can run and your business may still be at the crawling stage.

In business you may be launching an aggressive advertising campaign or are working hard to get your name and reputation established. There is often a lot of competition in business when this Card appears, and some very definite rivals or threats. You may be caught up in a price war as you go head to head with the top opponents in the field. If you are involved in politics, The Knight of Swords can represent your election campaign, lobbying for a cause that you feel intensely about, or rallying for support. You are driven and focussed on the battle and prepared to fight to the death.

The Knight of Swords can suggest the following careers:

The Military/Police Force; Battle Strategist/Analyst, Soldier, Marine, Sniper, Fighter Pilot,  Air Force, Search & Rescue, Police Officer, Detective, Personality Profiler, Criminologist, Swat Team, Bob Disposal,

Government/Law: Politician, Lobbyist, Secret Services, Solicitor, Lawyer, Judge, Statistician,

Communications/Media: TV Presenter, Disc Jockey, Talk Show Host, Political Debates/Answers and Questions, Reporter,  Journalist, War Correspondent, Writer, Editor,

Science: Pharmacist, Researcher, Mathematician, Computer Technician/Analyst,

Sports Career: Formula 1, Motor Bike Racing, Rallying, Skiing, Jockey,

Others: Historian, Public Speaker, Stockbroker, Executive, Business Consultant, Administrator, PA, Manager, Workshop Facilitator/Trainer, Commercial Pilot, Bookie,


The Knight of Swords Reversed

(This Section has still to be Updated 16th September 2014)

Knight of Swords Reversed


Mental Confusion, Chaos, Insensitive, Rude, Hurtful, Tactless, Sarcastic, Cynical, Cutting, Critical, Talk is Cheap, Lip Service, Meaningless Words, Un-educated, Manipulative, Forceful, Self-Serving, Bully, Blamer, Insincere, Dishonest, Threatening, Aggressive, Intimidating, Arrogant, Superior, Criminal/Unlawfulness, Mentally Dysfunctional, Violence, Reckless Speed, Accidents, Injuries, Remorse, Physical and Mental Exhaustion, Mental Health Issues, Soldier, Henchmen, Assassin

(This Section has still to be Updated 16th September 2014)

Here we find the negative and volatile aspect of combining Fire with Air in the potentially explosive reversed Knight of Swords.

This Knight reversed can be found rushing headlong into all situations. He can cause chaos and upset wherever he goes and lets his mouth run away with him. He talks without thinking and can hurt whether he intends to or not. His careless use of words may have him digging big holes for himself. He is tactless, rude, sarcastic and insensitive to the feelings of others.  He has a habit of promising things and then forgetting all about them. His words are cheap and he certainly has enough of them. Lack of mental and physical discipline is a constant problem for him and he achieves little. Intelligent as he is the Knight of Swords reversed is aware of this and can become impatient, frustrated and aggressive as he blames everyone around for his own problems.  He takes advice from no one but forces his opinions and ways on others.  By nature he is a bully and self-serving.

If this Knight slowed down for a few minutes and let his mind settle he could apply his reason and logic but the Fire is being fanned by the Air in this Knight and he can easily be out of control.  He is in a hurry to be everywhere and anywhere but nothing ever comes out of all his rushing about.  His speed could find him prone to accidents so he needs to be more careful in his actions.

He can be shallow and insincere.  He can fight other people’s battles without invitation and end up causing more trouble than anything else. His fiery temperament can have him blowing the smallest thing out of all proportion. This can result in temper outbursts and tantrums. He can become nasty and bitter and quite a dangerous enemy.

In relationships he is intimidating, insensitive and often aggressive.  He uses threats and mind games to control his partner and is great at offloading any responsibility for his part in the situation with his fancy and complex use of words.  He will be critical of his partner’s appearance, attitude or behaviour. He will always have the last say in an argument and never apologises as his overbearing arrogance makes him feel superior. In his most negative aspect he can use his Sword to inflict physical pain along with his insulting and demeaning words. He demands obedience and compliance at all times.

This Knight may just find it hard to commit as his mind has not settled on what it is he is looking for in a partner.  He may also prefer being single as a way of life.

In work you may be charging ahead with an unworkable idea or plan and refuse to listen to advice or take on board anyone else’s opinion.  This is the typical office bully or tyrannical boss.

Too much rushing around can lead to mistakes and if we look closely this may well be the reckless young driver or ‘Boy Racer’ showing off to his friends as he endangers all their lives. This volatile Knight travelling at such speed while brandishing his Sword can result in violence, accidents and injuries.

On the other hand speed may have caused this Knight to make a mistake and he may have fallen from his horse. He now has plenty of time to think of the damage he has done as his horse bolts off into the distance leaving him alone with just his thoughts as he runs out of steam. He may be tired of battle and his horse too, exhausted from being overridden. If he has fallen from his horse, then he may have landed on his own sword causing him to understand the pain he has inflicted on others with it.

 (This Section has still to be Updated 16th September 2014)


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