What is Holistic Tarot Reading and Consultancy?

chakras and tarot cards

Holistic Tarot Reading and Consultancy?

Holistic Tarot Consultancy differs from traditional Tarot Reading. Tarot Reading in the past was, and is still used by many as a ‘Fortune-Telling’ method of divination. Typically the client sat quietly throughout a brief reading while the Tarot Reader relayed an interpretation of each card drawn. It was a one way flow of communication with The Tarot Reader in full control while the client sat silently taking note of all the bits and pieces. I have been to plenty of these myself over the years. A Reading was often a series of non-related pieces of information with some parts making sense while others remained mysterious or out-of-place. People often sought Tarot Readings to find out if the Reader could see what they already knew about themselves.

Tarot Reading has thankfully evolved and today we find a rich variety of interpretation styles to suit every need.

Holistic Tarot Consultancy goes much deeper than the old-fashioned method by diving into the realm of the human psyche and all that resides therein. It draws a new style of clientele; those who seek personal empowerment and the freedom to control and manage their own life. They see Tarot as a form of Personal Life Coaching which will equip them with the necessary skills and attitude to achieve their goals and dreams. Read the rest of this entry

Celtic Cross Spread – Cora’s Career Reading Full Interpretation Analysis

Tarot Investigative Work  – How Did I Do It?

Final Content Release on The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread 

(Click Here to Find The Full Interpretation Analysis For Cora’s Celtic Cross Career Spread)


Link to Original Reading – Cora’s Celtic Cross Spread – Sample Career Reading

After reading the above interpretation of Cora’s Celtic Cross Career Spread you may be somewhat confused as to how and where I got my story. Pulling the cards together in a manner which makes sense very much comes down to a combination of old-fashioned deduction, investigative work and that buzz word, intuition. It goes without saying that unless you read from a completely intuitive base, you should have some understanding of the Meanings of the Cards, their Numerical Status and Elemental Influence. These are the tools of the trade after all……..(Read the Full Guide that will show you How I interpreted this Reading) 

(Celtic Cross Spread – Cora’s Career Reading Full Interpretation Analysis)


Cora’s Celtic Cross Spread – Sample Career Reading

Celtic Cross Spread

How To Read The Celtic Cross Spread

Tarot Reading Analysis Chart

Spreads   Practice Readings

The Celtic Cross Spread – Cora’s Career Reading

The Celtic Cross Spread – Cora’s Career Reading

Here is an example of a Reading using The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. Have a read through it and see if you can follow my train of thought when interpreting; where I found the connections and correspondences, how the story came about. After the Reading below, I have supplied a Step-By-Step detailed account of how I pulled it all together so that you can see for yourself exactly how I did it (Release Date – 22nd March 2016). Oh, just so that we are all clear, my client gave permission for her Reading to be published. I have changed my client’s name to protect her privacy. As per my method, I use a Base Card in all my Readings. This is optional. Click Here for Full Reading

The Celtic Cross Spread – Cora’s Career Reading


Base Card – The Ace of Pentacles ( Overview – First Hint

Card 1 The Issue – The Reversed Four of Cups (What is being faced right now. The Focal Point)

Card 2 The Challenge/Cross – The Reversed Moon (What Crosses/Challenges/Problems/Obstacles experienced with the Current Issue. What is blocking progress) 

Card 3 –   What Lies Above/The Conscious – The Empress (Aspirations and Conscious Desires. Desired/Ideal Outcome. The Higher Self).

Card 4  – What Lies Below/The UnconsciousThe Reversed Three of Pentacles (Unconscious/Subconscious urges influencing the Issue on either a positive or negative basis. )

Card 5  – What Lies Behind/The Past – Ten of Swords  (What has gone before that has led up to the Current Issue)

Card 6 – What Lies Ahead/The Future – King of Swords (Where the Issue is heading or should head)

Card 7 – Advice on Transition – The Chariot ( Advice on how to move forward. Strategy/Action/Progress)

Card 8 – External Influences/ Surrounding Energy/ – The World (The Energy that Externally Surrounds the Issue. Family, friends, trends, atmosphere, external views and perceptions in which Issue Operates. Not necessarily controlled by the Querant)

Card 9 -Hopes and Fears – The Eight of Pentacles (Which is dominant? Hopes or Fears? This will tell a lot about the mindset) 

Card 10 – What is to Come/The Outcome – The Ten of Pentacles (The Probable Outcome based on the trend of the Cards and the Querant being proactive or passive with achieving their aims.)

The Background

Cora came to me in September of 2015 for a Tarot Reading. She told me she had come to a point in her life where she really hadn’t a clue what to do and felt she had painted herself into a corner. She claimed to be tired and worn out by the demands of a life that seemed to be getting her few results. So I asked her to fill me in on her situation so that we had something to work with in her reading.

Cora told me she was a singing teacher, had been one for over 20 years but had been forced to take a break from her career after been diagnosed with leukemia. During her months of treatment and convalescence she struggled hard to regain her previous state of health. She returned to work but was unable to keep up with the demanding workload. She was off more times than she was in work and eventually had to leave her job because her students were suffering from her erratic attendance. She fell into quite a deep depression and was living on her life savings to pay the bills. Her daughter came to her one day needing to access some personal belongings she had in the attic. Cora climbed into the attic to help with the search. She opened box after box  and uncovered stuff she hadn’t seen in decades……..Continue Reading

The Celtic Cross Spread – Cora’s Career Reading


Tarot Investigative Work  – How Did I Do It?

Follow Up on Cora’s Reading – The Full Interpretation Analysis For Cora’s Celtic Cross Career Spread

***Release Date – March 22nd 2016***


After reading the above interpretation of Cora’s Celtic Cross Career Spread you may be somewhat confused as to how and where I got my story. Pulling the cards together in a manner which makes sense very much comes down to a combination of old fashioned deduction, investigative work and that buzz word, intuition. It goes without saying that unless you read from a completely intuitive base, you should have some understanding of the meanings of the Cards, their Numerical status and Elemental influence. These are the tools of the trade after all……..(Read the Full Guide that will show you How I interpreted this Reading – 


Cora’s Career Reading Full Interpretation Analysis

Celtic Cross Spread

How To Read The Celtic Cross Spread

Tarot Reading Analysis Chart

Spreads   Practice Readings

How To Read The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread


How To Read The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Now that we have learned about the Origins and Layout of The Celtic Cross Spread, the next step in Mastering it is to learn how to actually read it.

Below I have created a collection of 8 Diagrams to demonstrate the many ways in which the Cards in the Celtic Cross Spread can be linked, compared, cross-referenced and connected during interpretation, so that the overall story can be extracted and gathered, rather than attempting Card-by-Card analysis. I have not placed the Diagrams in any particular order, but needless to say there are certain ones you should address from the outset. the central ones, Card 1 and 2.

First Things First

  • Cleanse and Protect, your Space, your Energy-Field and Cards. For further information on Psychic Protection Click Here and Here for the different methods.
  • Agree on your Question or  Intention for The Spread.
  • Decide which version of The Celtic Cross Spread you wish to work with.
  • Decide if you wish to use a Significator or not. Significators are not compulsory. Significators are usually drawn before Shuffling commences. For information on Significators click here Court Cards and The Celtic Cross Spread information page.
  • Decide if you wish to include a Base Card in your Reading. The Base Card gives some background information which may prove useful or relevant throughout the Reading. It is an additional Card, and not one of the Ten drawn for the Spread.
  • Ensure your Tarot Deck is Clear of energies from any previous Reading, and that all Cards are Upright before Shuffling.
  • Decide if you you are using Reverse Cards in your Reading. If yes, Reverse some Cards while Shuffling, but not too many. For information on Reverse Cards Click Here. 
  • Use whichever Shuffling Method you are comfortable with, but ensure Cards are Shuffled well.
  • If using a Base Card wait until the Shuffling is over and then take the first Card from the bottom of the Deck and place aside where it will be close to the Spread.
  • Once Shuffling is over, draw 10 Cards and place them in the Position which corresponds with the order in which they were drawn. First Card drawn is placed in Position 1 etc.
  • Turn the Cards over so that their pictures can be seen.

Next Step

Before you begin your Interpretation, give the full Spread a scan over and check for the following:……………..Continue Reading

How To Read The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross Spread

How To Read The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross Spread – Cora’s Career Reading

Cora’s Celtic Cross Tarot Reading – Full Interpretation Analysis

Tarot Reading Analysis Chart

Spreads   Practice Readings

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread – New Content Release

Newflash…...Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Released...Newsflash….

Patricks Day

With this being a Very Special Week in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day on The 17th,  and also a Very Special Year for the Irish, The Centenary of The Easter Rising,  I have been working hard at putting together a brand new volume of content based solely on The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread.

Today I release a New Section on The Menu called Celtic Cross Spread. The content today will be Part One of a total of Four Releases this week. Yes, it is all about The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread and I have gone to great effort to make it as comprehensive for you as possible. So many of you have been asking me when I am going to get around to dealing with The Celtic Cross Spread and I can safely give an affirmative response now. Read the rest of this entry

The Tarot School of Drama Performs, ‘A Recipe for Ill Health’

Hello to all my Tarot Friends around the World,

Thought I would ask the Tarot to stage this mini production below about how I ended up so unwell  in recent weeks. I hope you can follow my ill health drama through the imagery and symbolism used by the lovely Tarot School Actors and Players I have chosen to tell my story. It may involve using your creative imagination at times but that is always a plus when learning to read Tarot.

Queen of Swords Upright Queen of Wands Upright Queen of Pentacles Upright

Here is me, Thinking, Doing and being Productive on a daily basis. No time for slacking. Too much to do. Must keep at it every day. My mind is never still. It is full of ideas and plans, concepts, theories and opinions. My mouth is never silent either. I talk a lot! Too many things interest me and I get enthusiastic about all my projects. I have a tendency to underestimate how much time and effort is required to achieve my goals. That doesn’t stop me though. Then I must not let an hour, a day, a moment go by without being productive. I have to see results. Weekends are just extra days when you can get work done. Must put in the hours. I am methodical and thorough so push myself to give 150% all the time. I have high very high standards which can make life quite challenging and demanding. I am not great at delegating so will attempt to do everything myself. I can be stubborn, belligerent and pedantic.

King of Cups Upright 8 of Pentacles Reversed7 of Pentacles Rx

Now, here is my partner, The King of Cups. He takes life much easier than I do. He likes to relax and chill out. He believes there is a time for work, a time for play and a time for rest. When he gets tired he takes a break, or even just acknowledges that he is overdoing something. He is into self-care and will take it easy when he feels he needs to. He has been trying to counsel and advise the triple Queen personality (Swords, Wands, Pentacles) he lives with. He gently warns that I am working too hard at the moment. He finds it difficult to get me away from my desk at meal times. He sometimes has to get firm with me and remind me that he has boiled the kettle three times and still I have failed to turn up in the kitchen. I get irritated by his attempts to get me to leave what I am working on. I persist and explain to him that I have to finish what I am doing before I eat. The food and kettle can wait. He tells me that everyone needs a break, even if it is just for lunch. He says I am pushing myself too much and need to start scheduling some days off. I am busy and there is too much to be done. He goes ahead and eats without me. I am a stubborn woman after all. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Valentine’s Day

Cosmic_ Tarot_ Norbert_ Losche

(Cosmic Tarot, by artist Norbert Losche)

A Quick Word Play with The Four Suits on Valentine’s Day based on their Archetypal approach to Love and Romance, both Upright and Reversed. Lots of more words to add if you want to challenge yourself. Some of the letters are trickier than others – I restricted myself to one per letter. Why not try out a Scrabble Game based on the Four Suits and their Keyword Associations!

xxx Vivien

Wands             Wands  Reversed

W – Wild                                  S  – Self-Serving

A – Ardent                              D – Domineering

N – Noisy                                 N – Novelty

D – Dynamic                           A – Arrogant

S – Sexy                                    W – Wander-Lust

Cups                Cups Reversed

C – Caring                               S –  Seduction

U – Undying                          P – Promiscuous

P – Proposal                           U – Unforgiving

S – Sincere                              C – Clinging

Swords          Swords Reversed

S – Strategic                          S- Severe

W – Witty                               D- Dysfunctional

O – Observant                      R- Repressed

R – Reserved                         O – Obsessive

D – Discerning                     W – Worry

S – Self-Disciplined             S –  Sharp

Pentacles     Pentacles Reversed

P – Practical                      S – Stubborn

E – Enduring                     E – Egocentric

N – Natural                        L – Lazy

T – Traditional                  C – Conservative

A – Approachable           A – Adventurer/ess

C – Committed                 T – Tedious

L – Loyal                            N – Negligent

E – Energetic                    E – Envious

S – Sensual                        P – Possessive


The Queen and The Soldier – Tarot Tales

The Queen & The Soldier

(Song Lyrics by Suzanne Vega)

Featuring, The Queen of Swords and The Knight of Pentacles

Queen of Swords Upright  Capture_knight_pentacles_flipped

This song was playing over in my head while I lay in bed last night. The Queen and The Soldier by Suzanne Vega It is an old favourite of mine but haven’t heard it in some time. While I sang it to myself, I thought how superbly a young Queen of Swords and The Knight of Pentacles might fit into this story line. The cold, aloof and calculating woman who puts her duty and crown ahead of her feelings for the lovely young Knight who has been the Queen’s loyal Champion for so long. He has worshiped her from a distance, and wants to love and protect her, yet she keeps him at arm’s length. She is the Queen and he The Solider. Regardless of the distance that lies between them, we get the impression of a connection somewhere in the past, even if she refuses to acknowledge it. Behind her controlled and disciplined appearance we can tell that her heart aches for him, yet she pretends to but vaguely recognise him when he comes to her door.

The young woman takes life and her Queenly duties very seriously. To drop her guard with this Knight would be a sign of weakness on her part. That she will not tolerate for she has vowed allegiance to the throne.  The Knight wants more from life, and from her. He is no longer content to keep doing her bidding, fighting her painful battles, without getting something back in return. He is tired of her mind games and strange ways. He wants to know why she lives as she does? Read the rest of this entry

New Moon in Aquarius – February 8th, 2016: Awakening & Emancipation

Find myself checking out this site quite a lot and looking forward to understanding how the planets may be influencing me on all levels.

Venus In The Fifth

nut8Nut, Egyptian Goddess of air and the universe, stretching her body over the world to create the heavens.

Aquarius’ liberating energy graces us on February 8th (9:39 AM EST) with a new moon at 19’16 degrees. New Moons are the beginning phase of a cycle. During this time we plant seeds and hopefully they develop and come to fruition during the Full Moon phase. This is the reason why setting intentions during the new moon can be a powerful tool towards bringing awareness

Aquarius is the sign of liberation and freedom. Above all else during this time we need to question what we’re willing to fight for and what our place is when it comes to humanity. The new moons sextile to Uranus/Vesta in Aries brings about a forceful and radical approach to what we’re passionate about and the kinds of sacrifices we’re willing to make…

View original post 409 more words

Happy Imbolc – Welcome Back Brigid!

Goddess Brigid

All About Imbolc   Imbolc Meditations   Imbolc Spreads


Imbolc marks the first day of Spring in the Celtic Calendar and separates the light part of the year from the dark. So time to shake off the blues by putting a glide in your stride and a pep in your step. Stop hiding in the dark and turn to the growing light of the sun instead. Let it brighten your soul and fire your passion.  To prepare for the brighter and longer days ahead, you have much work to do now both at home and outside. Personal growth and renewal of resolve or determination is focused upon. Get active, get busy and release the Fire Energy within.  Get going with any projects and plans for the year ahead as it is a fertile time for growth and expansion. Get stuck into those New Year resolutions with renewed fervor.  Let the light banish any darkness, obstacles, or challenges you may have encountered or perceived in the past, and forge ahead with positivity and optimism. Leave any depressing feelings or attitudes behind and allow healing to enter unconditionally into your life. Let the Spring breeze cleanse the cobwebs of your mind, and the growing sun thaw any ice or snow from the heart. Everything is up for grabs now as inspiration and creativity rush in an abundant flow of endless opportunities. The natural world is starting to wake up to new life again. Don’t get left behind in the dreariness of the old, be a part of this rebirth and renewal. Venture outdoors to witness the miracle of nature around you. The most wonderful things are happening right now as Brigid walks among us. We bow in respect to her life-giving powerful presence.

Imbolc is a great time for divination so your Tarot Cards can be put to good use. We can look to the Tarot for inspiration and guidance on how we can incorporate Imbolc, Brigid and the Powerful Energy of Fire into our life for the year ahead.

Imbolc Tarot Spreads

Wands are strongly connected to Spring with their Fire Energy breathing life, passion, creativity and inspiration into everything they touch. To access the energy of the growing Fire of the young Sun as it gradually begins to lengthen the days and warm the air about us, we can call on The Wands Suit of The Tarot for guidance.  Below I have compiled a very brief snapshot of what the individual Wands might have to say to us as we celebrate the Fire Festival of Imbolc, and the Triple Goddess in her maiden form.


Ace_of _Wands  Ignition – The Fire has been lit. It is only a small flame so it must be carefully attended or it will blow out. You will need more than this flame to reach your goal but it is the first spark that sets the wheels in motion. This is the eternal flame, the original combustion of energy that refuses to die in each and every one of us. All the great and powerful who have gone before us started with this very same emanation. What will you do with it?

2 of Wands Upright Not paying attention to the Fire. Your mind is on another Fire. Decide once and for all which Fire means more to you or both will fizzle out. Don’t stand forever at the crossroads. Make a decision and then act upon it.

3 of Wands Upright Turning from any darkness in the past to bring Fire into your future. Positive action and purpose. Looking forward to the year ahead and feeling encouraged to initiate change. Three brings growth and expansion for Fire. Get behind your projects with renewed enthusiasm and conviction.

4 of Wands Let Fire into your home. Maybe it is time for a make-over. Freshen, renew, repaint, re-do and reclaim. Clear clutter indoors and outdoors. Open the windows and let some fresh air in. Feel energised and motivated into making your home an uplifting and welcoming place to be, then show it off to family and friends. Maybe you need a personal make-over too. Time to start thinking about vacation destinations.

5 of Wands Upright Use the energy of Fire to enthusiastically throw yourself out of your comfort zone and into the challenges of new experience. Embrace change by responding to it positively. Battle your way through any obstacles instead of sidestepping them. It is better to join the game rather than stand on the sidelines. Participate in what excites you. Push your body into activity. Jump into the mayhem of the new and unknown. It will waken you up very quickly. Remember, if you are not in, you can’t win.

6 of Wands Upright Don’t just think or hope you will succeed. Believe and know you will succeed. Work with Fire to strengthen your resolve and it will reward those who do not quit. Follow through on promises you have made to your yourself and to others.

7 of Wands UprightBreathe in the heat of Fire into your belly and stand up for what you believe in. Be assertive in your dealings with those who would seek to dis-empower you. You shall overcome. There are no problems, only challenges. Instead of can’t say I’ll try. Replace ‘impossible’ with ‘I’ll find a way’. Remove the negatives that aim to quash Fire.

8 of Wands Upright Maintaining and sustaining a strong Fire within will create the momentum you need to reach your goals. Others will be impressed by what you are achieving with Fire and will be eager to join in. The power of Fire is magnificent once it is harnessed and channeled in the right direction. Set goals that are achievable yet force you to go the extra mile. It is in this extra mile you will see the magic begin to manifest.

9 of Wands Upright Fire has taught you some hard lessons in the past. Don’t allow yourself to make the same mistakes this time. Increasing your understanding of the nature of Fire will lessen the risk of getting your fingers burned.

10 of Wands Upright Seek not the new Ace of Wands until you are sure you can handle it. Deal with the Fire you are carrying before adding more to your load. Too much of anything, even Fire, can be a bad thing. If your hands are burning, or the heat from the Fire is unbearable, then something is wrong. Make sure you have the time and energy to complete anything you start or take on.

Page of Wands Upright You are the embodiment of Fire and are ready to fully embrace the possibilities and potential of the year ahead. Reborn, refreshed and renewed, you are all set for an adventurous journey. Expect to be surprised and amazed by what you discover. Fire is working its magic on you and has your full attention. You can do anything and go anywhere you please under this energy. New interests, new looks and new places are highly encouraged.

Knight of Wands Upright The explorer bursts forth out of Fire and is ready to conquer the world. You will have to take action as Fire refuses to be held back any longer. This is what you have been waiting for. Energy begets Energy. The more you do, the more you will be able to do. You are in a position to use Fire to take your life to any level you so wish. Remember the gift and power of Fire, and the respect you must have for it. Rise to any challenge you encounter and keep smiling. Get ready to enter new territory.

Queen of Wands Upright Fire bestows on you its many blessings. You become radiant in its fiery glow. Its heat warms and nourishes you, allowing you to generously share with all, the love and joy of the new life that bursts forth. You refuse to be anything other than optimistic about the year ahead and have many plans, ideas, and goals to put into action or work towards. Energy is high and health is wonderful. You believe in life, love, happiness and fun and are totally open to anything that comes your way. You are channeling Brigid, the seer, as you re-calibrate your energy with that of the natural world around you.

King of Wands Upright You must learn to master Fire for productive purposes. If you want to lead instead of follow, to be in control of your destiny instead of leaving it up to the fates, then you must work with Fire to empower you. Fire at this level must be channeled in a mature manner. The gift of Fire will assist your influence over others, but it will also allow you to control others. Before you open yourself to this formidable energy you must question your conscience. What sort of power do you seek from Fire? Once you have found your perfect balance of Fire, keep it topped up or stoked. You must maintain your position. Rest not on former glories.

Lá Féile Bríde

xx Vivien


Triple Goddess Brigid


All About Imbolc   Imbolc Meditations   Imbolc Spreads



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