Truly Teach Me Tarot

 (A Complete & In-Depth Self- Study Tarot Reading Course for The Serious Student)

Truly Teach Me Tarot Course


Handing Down my Knowledge of Tarot to One & All

  • Have you been trying to Learn the Tarot for a long time, yet never seem to get anywhere with it?
  • Do find that all the Tarot Books and On-line Courses only provide scant information about the meaning of each Card?
  • Are your book cases collapsing under the weight of Tarot Books that all say the same thing, yet were bought in the hope of finding something new and relevant?
  • Have you been disappointed in the past by Tarot Courses claiming to make a Tarot Reader out of you in a Weekend, Week or Month?
  • Have you spent a fortune on Tarot Books and Courses only to find you are struggling to understand how it all works?
  • Do you Find Your Tarot Readings are Mechanical and Stiff?
  • Do you use the same Card Interpretations for everyone’s Readings?
  • Is your understanding of the story behind The Tarot limited or non-existent?

If you have answered Yes to most of the Above then I need to Ask you a few more Questions

  • Do you still want to learn to Read The Tarot?
  • Do you now accept that Learning The Tarot may take longer than you expected?
  • Do you want to acquire an In-Depth Knowledge of The Tarot?
  • Are you looking to broaden your Skills as a Tarot Reader, become multi-faceted in your Readings?
  • Do you want to improve you Story-Telling Skills and be able to Link Cards in your Readings?
  • Do you want to use The Tarot to Learn more about Yourself?
  • Is it your Dream to become a Professional Tarot Reader?

If you have answered Yes to the above list of Questions then you have eventually arrived at the Right Course for you

Truly Teach Me Tarot

Offers all the Above, and More, to the Serious & Committed Tarot Student 

What you will Learn on Truly Teach Me Tarot

  • The Theory and Concepts involved in Reading The Tarot
  • The Various Methods of Reading The Tarot
  • Tarot Essentials – The Four Elements, Numerology, Basic Astrology, Colour Meaning, Symbolism, 
  • How to Decipher The Imagery of Each Card – Detailed Card Imagery Descriptions provided for each Card
  • How to Read Reversed Cards – a solid grounding in the varous methods of Reading Reversed Cards, and why they are so essential.
  • How to link and connect Cards within a Spread
  • The In-Depth and Detailed Meanings of all 78 Cards both Upright and Reversed – Keywords, Messages and Interpretations for -The Minor Arcana, Court Cards and Major Arcana
  • The various methods of interpreting The Court Cards
  • Detailed Personal Profiling of all Sixteen Court Cards
  • Detailed Profiling of all their Corresponding Zodiac Signs. 
  • The Kabbalah – The Tree of Life
  • Deep analysis of the 22 Cards of The Major Arcana and Their connection to The Kabbalah
  • The Spiritual and Mystic Messages of The Major Arcana
  • The Connection between The Major Arcana and The Minor Arcana
  • Psychic Protection
  • Learning How to Read for others
  • Learning a Variety of Card Spreads
  • Understand What it Means to be a Tarot Reader
  • How to Take Tarot to another Level by – Tarot Extras – The Chakra System, Psychic Development, Meditation, Dowsing, Psychometry, Past Life Exploration through Tarot and Meditation


  • Homework
  • Assignments
  • Practice Readings
  • Networking with Other Students



There are three parts to The TRULY TEACH ME TAROT COURSE. You will find Detailed Listing of The Content in each Part below by clicking on the Links Below. 

PART I – THE MINOR ARCANA  –  Link will take you to Course Menu Page

PART II – THE COURT CARDS – Link will take you to Course Menu Page

PART III – THE MAJOR ARCANA – Link will take you to Course Menu Page

What you will need to Study The Truly Teach Me Tarot Course:

  • A Deck of Rider Waite Tarot Cards – Course is taught based on the Rider Waite Deck. 
  •  A Workbook or Journal
  • A Pendulum or Dowsing Rods for Part III
  • A Few Crystals of choice for Meditation

Truly Teach Me Tarot is a Self-Study Course and does not automatically come with Certification. However, for the determined and committed Student who wishes to enter upon this Apprenticeship I can offer the following incentives:

  • A Certificate on completion of each Part of the Course – To be eligible for Certification, the student will have to provide proof of 4 case studies and complete an exam. The Student will also be required to complete a Full Reading which will be sent by email or can be done via Skype. The Student will be supplied with a Subject and Question for the Reading – There will be a charge for each Certification


Homework and Assignments provided are purely optional but are of benefit to the individual student who wishes to chart their progress or assimilation of knowledge.  Please do not forward them on to me for marking. I only do this when teaching on a personal basis.

Truly Teach Me Tarot is my course, fully written and typed by me after years of studying and reading The Tarot.  Wherever I have used material other than my own I have acknowledged this.  For example I have included some non-essential additional information on Numerology purely from an ‘interest’ aspect.  It does not have to be learned in order to read the cards.  The numerology information I have supplied myself in the course is plenty and suffice.  The rest is just for fun!

I also do not claim to be an expert at any particular discipline.  I am certainly not an Astrologist, Numerologist or an expert on The Kabbalah.  You will not be expected to either that is unless you desire to study further in these areas.  Believe me, you will have enough to study in The Tarot without running down several other pathways at the same time.

The first four or five Lessons will carry the greatest bulk of all the essential information and theory behind The Tarot. Small amounts will follow in subsequent lessons. After that you can progress with greater ease. However, I will reiterate and go over certain areas on an ongoing basis. These are areas that I feel are important to remember or areas students typically have difficulty with. Along with the card meanings, each remaining lesson will cover different topics and considerations that affect the Tarot.  In Part II and Part III there will be more theory involved and you will be introduced to other ways of looking at the Tarot but you will find it much easier to abosorb after completing Part I.

For those of you who feel that they will be unable to understand and assimilate all the initial material I can assure you that you will get the chance to revisit it in each lesson. It is not information that we leave behind in Lesson One.  On the contrary, as we visit each lesson you will get the opportunity to apply this information to every card you meet and every reading you attempt.  Within no time at all it will become automatic. So there you have it.

Like Tarot but not interested in studying a Full Course?

Truly Teach Me Tarot can be also be used as a guide or reference source for information on individual Tarot Cards if one does not wish to take The Full Course. – There is a Section just for Cards. Choose from either – 

78 Cards Detailed  – Detailed Description of Card Imagery, Keywords and Meanings both Upright and Reversed

78 Cards Shorter Version – Keywords & Meanings both Upright and Reversed. Suitable for non-study purposes.


Truly Teach Me Tarot

 (A Complete & In-Depth Self- Study Tarot Reading Course for The Serious Student)

Truly Teach Me Tarot Course


How it all Came About

Truly Teach Me Tarot began its on-line presence in July 2012. Thanks to the wonderful facilities provided by WordPress.com I was able to begin the process of building my own Blog/Website.  The Truly Teach Me Tarot Course has been in existence, in one form or another, since 2006. It has been successfully taught by me on many occasions, both on a group and class basis. Several Past Students are now Professional Tarot Readers.

However,  the more I worked with the course and my students it began to become obvious how difficult it was to properly teach Tarot in an often tight schedule of mere days or weeks.  How much can you truly impart about Tarot to the Serious Student in such a short space of time.  Lessons were often in the evening, two maximum three hours, and information overload was common.  Lessons began to run over because students wanted to know more and more. They also wanted to discuss the evening’s work. Then there were the Group Reading Nights when no one wanted to go home because of the fun we were having interpreting and theorising spreads and layouts.

Anyone who really wants to learn Tarot must enter upon an Apprenticeship. They must be prepared to take their time and let their knowledge slowly grow so that it stays with them and also becomes part of them. How could I teach Tarot properly with such time constraints? How could I set a fee for such ongoing in-depth tuition? Who would have the time to attend so many classes?

There had to be another way of imparting all my accumulated knowledge.  At first I thought of writing a book but then I thought of all the tarot books already in circulation.  I also knew it would be hit or miss with regards to publishing it. I could always self-publish but ruled that out too, there were rules and regulations, structures that had to be followed. I didn’t want such tight control.  I knew I wrote best in freestyle so I needed a platform that would permit me full control over what I wanted to do.

And so I came upon WordPress and at first thought that all I could do was Blog, but the more I investigated the more excited I became.  Here I could do something, here I could write the I wanted to. Truly Teach Me Tarot had come to town and found the perfect place to put down its roots.

Truly Teach Me Tarot was now set to have a total overhaul, reconstruction and massive renovation.  It was ready to extend and expand.

In the past year I have been re-working every single aspect of the course to make it suitable for Self-Study. I have rewritten vast amounts of material so as to remove the need for verbal instruction in class. However, I had a choice. Did I spend a couple of years doing all this work behind the scenes, and then officially launch it on-line, or did I let it go live from day one, where anyone, and mean anyone could drop by to see what I was writing, had written, and what still needed to be proof-read. It would be like having a massive audience watch me build a house right out of the dust. I decided to let it go live right away.

At first, as I uploaded my original course notes to begin re-working, I believed that no one even knew I was there.  I felt quite okay about leaving paragraphs half written or images scattered here and there because I was only starting off and certainly would not be attracting any attention.  Because this is a Blog/website, I did some posting just in case anyone did pop by. I wanted site visitors to know what I was working on and to apologise for any mess they happened upon. I explained what I was trying to do and gave them permission to view anything they wanted, so long as they understood it was a still a Major Work in progress. A progress that could not be rushed.  In my posts I shared my plans for what I want Truly Teach Me Tarot and The Site to eventually be.  My plans have grown since then.

I never bothered to look at my Stats at that early stage, why would I? I also was working, and when not in work was writing for hours each day. I hadn’t time to keep checking my Stats.  I remember the day I did, and nearly died of shock when I saw that people had been visiting my site.  I couldn’t believe it. I felt both excited and scared all at the same time. I wanted to get in touch with them all individually and apologise for the site not being finished. I actually couldn’t believe that people from all over the world were reading my work.

From then on, I became a Stats Junkie, but thankfully have disciplined myself. Well really it is because I don’t have the time to be constantly hanging out on my Stats Page.  Over the last year I have worked very hard and thankfully 70% of the hard work is done. I still have more re-writing and overhauling to do, but at this moment in time there are over 250 Pages bursting with Tarot Information and instruction.  There is still a lot more to come.  There is information uploaded for each Card but those pages that state they are awaiting updating, still have to be rewritten.  There is plenty of Lesson Content, especially the important stuff, yet still more to come.

At times, believe me, the going has got tough, and I often felt like walking away from what I had started. My health is not great. After been very fit and strong, it suddenly began to fail in the summer of 2011 as I developed a series of complicated medical conditions one after another. They still persist to this day. This has strongly impacted my ability to carry on my work as normal.  I had to give up my Healing Practice due to back and neck problems. I ended up worse than the clients who were coming to see me!  When it comes to building Truly Teach Me Tarot, some days are more painful then others, and I don’t always get to achieve as much writing in a day as I had anticipated. What has really kept me going through all the tough ups and downs is my growing audience and their wonderful supportive comments that pop into my inbox every day.

I couldn’t have done it on my own. When I think of the early option I might have taken, not going live until the course was completely re-written, I know I would have given up long ago.  So here I am today with my Stats breaking most previous day’s records and a constant stream of positive feedback and comments, reassuring me that I am doing the right thing and am on the path that is meant for me.

Because this has been a ‘Large Work in Progress’ I have had the time to spend many a sleepless night thinking about what I want Truly Teach Me Tarot to develop into. I have big plans for it, ideas I would never have thought of just over a year ago.  That is why I have decided to move to WordPress.org.  I want to offer more than what I am already offering. Of course it won’t all happen overnight. After all, there is only one of me.  I suppose I could go offline until it is all finished, complete and up and running, but we all know that would be a bad idea. So while I continue to re-build, renovate, extend and expand, you can watch me all the way. Take a front seat and see how it grows and develops. Your patience will eventually be rewarded and before you know it the following will also be up and running:

Truly Teach Me Tarot

 (A Complete & In-Depth Self- Study Tarot Reading Course for The Serious Student)

Truly Teach Me Tarot Course


There are three parts to  The Truly Teach Me Course:

PART I – THE MINOR ARCANA  –  Link will take you to Course Menu Page

PART II – THE COURT CARDS – Link will take you to Course Menu Page

PART III – THE MAJOR ARCANA – Link will take you to Course Menu Page

What you will need:

  •  A Deck of Rider Waite Tarot Cards – Course is taught based on the Rider Waite Deck. 
  •  A Workbook or Journal
  •  A Pendulum for Part III
  • A Few Crystals of choice for Medition

Truly Teach Me Tarot Forum – Coming Soon

This Forum will be for the benefit of Discussion, Debate, Student Networking, Sharing of Ideas and Concepts.  This Forum will also support both Exchange and Group Readings.

Video Tutorials – Coming at a Later Date

  • I will be working on recording some Video Tutorials to accompany The Truly Teach Me Tarot Course.  Once completed, they will be uploaded  and I will post notification of their arrival.
  • There will be extra Video Tutorials or Mini Courses covering Complementary Divination Skills which will enhance your Tarot Reading abilities.
  • I will be making my personally written, comprehensive, and in-depth Reiki I Manual available to download, along with accompanying Video Tutorial for those who are interested in adding Healing to their Holistic and Metaphysical Skills.
  • My Simply Crystals Workbook Manual will also be available to download.
  • There will be guest interviews and I promise some really interesting topics and surprises.

To each and every one of you who decide to embark upon the journey through the Truly Teach Me Tarot Course, I wish you the very best of Luck and I look forward to hearing from you.  Keep up to date with my regular Blogs.

xxx Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)

Truly Teach Me Tarot Graduates

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this site. I don’t feel like a simple thank you is enough for how wonderful this site is, but it’s coming from a deep place of gratitude and reverence in my spirit. May life return your blessings to others a hundred fold. Be blessed.


    • Cerene,

      What a lovely comment and I really do appreciate your gratitude. There will be many more exciting things to come in this course and on the site. This is just the start.




      • Felicity Pricam

        Dear Vivien,
        thank you so much for this amazing site, I am so grateful. I was also wondering whether you did tarot readings as I would be very interested in one although I live in Edinburgh… maybe via skype or am planning on visiting Ireland at some point in the next year. Many blessings,


      • Hi Felicity,

        Thank you so much and will be getting around to doing some readings in the future once I have the new site up and running and some more written work done. Lovely Scotland, only across the water but have never visited. It is on my bucket list, and of course we welcome all you guys here for the rugby each year.

        Many Blessings to you too Felicity


  2. I absolutely love your work. :) of all the available resources, books, groups, forums and associations I’m in I’ve discovered yours best suits my style of referencing and expanding my knowledge. I appreciate the sharing of your knowledge and am thankful to have discovered it. :) The amount of work put into this site is amazing.. so thank you. Teresa :)


    • Thank you Teresa, I am very touched by your comment. Writing can be a lonely business. No one else can do the work for you. Hours, if not days, go by with just me, sitting on my own at the keyboard. I hit publish and my work goes out into the world. Sometimes I doubt my work and worry if I should have done better. Then I get an uplifting comment from someone who has taken the time to acknowledge my efforts, and it gives me the energy and motivation to keep going. I became very emotional after reading your comment. It means the world to me.

      Thank you once more. I am going to check out your site now as I see you do tarot too.


  3. Absolutely love your information. :) Of all the books, peers, forums and associations etc I’m in, i find myself referencing your resources more than any other. Thank you so so much. I have much admiration for you and your giving kind spirit to share this with us. I feel blessed to have found your site :) The story you weave brings each tarot card to life and I LOVE that!! So thank you again for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and kindness with us. I look forward to exploring more and more!! :)


    • Hi Wild Enchantress Tarot,

      I am honored to receive such an outstanding comment. I have always learned, read and taught tarot through story-telling. For me it was the only way I could remember so many cards and also to understand how they linked to each other. I still have a lot of work to complete on this site and many more cards to re-write but I would like to write further once the heavy work has been completed here. I have several stories floating around in my head and will get to it one day. I am so glad you are enjoying my work and look forward to hearing from you again.

      Many blessings,


      Liked by 1 person

  4. This site saved my life. Truly. I was looking for answers in the tarot during the darkest period of my life and I felt like this site gave me a feeling of empowerment at a time when I felt the most powerless and hopeless. Thank you. I wish you offered this wisdom in book form. I would pay whatever you asked for it.


    • Hi, I know what it is like to go through dark periods in life. Even though our individual issues may vary we all lose our power at times. I am so happy, and feel humbled that you found positive guidance on my site. I wish you health, happiness, peace and love. My work is not in book format at present but it would be a dream of mine. Hopefully some day. I still have much work to do first.



      Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s so sad, so bad to heard that someone hacking/attacking it.

    Since when I found this site, it has been a place i can really count in it. I’m just one who love Tarot and want to learn more and more about it. And I think your site is wonderful and helpful.
    It did help me so many times, shown me many things i don’t know and understand just yet.

    Recently I just read your “How to Interpret in Relationship”, and still wait for Pentacles and Cups post.


    • Hi justicatarot,

      The Hacking was a false alarm as WordPress confirmed my site was clean. I think it may have been a problem on the User’s browser and not my site. However, there is a lot in the news at present about WordPress being targeted by Hackers, so it is wise to be ever vigilant. You will see that the Pentacles – Love and Romance is now published and am currently working on the Cups. I was very unwell and could not post on schedule.


      Liked by 1 person

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