The Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles – The Builder

                      Knight of Pentacles Upright


Commitment, Hard Worker, Ambitious, Financial Matters, Building a Business/Empire, Business Man, Skilled, Building Financial Security, Goals, Long-Term Plans, Down to Earth, Practical, Common Sense, Methodical, Tenacious, Stable, Loyal, Dependable, Responsible, Persistent, Patient, Solid, Strong, Physical Health, Conscientious, Conservative, Conventional, Traditional, Prudent, Farming/Farmer, Organic/Green, Animal/Nature Lover, Land, Conservationist, Environmentalist, Outdoors, Study


Work hard for What you Want, Finish what you Start. Commit to Something Worthwhile, Set Goals, Be Patient, Realistic and Practical, Be Cautious, Don’t take Foolish Risks, A bit of Hard work never did anyone any Harm, Stick With it, Use Your Skills and Knowledge, Invest Wisely, Check and Double Check, Get out onto the Land and Reconnect to Mother Nature, Keep Focussed, Commitment may be Required and Expected of you at this Stage, Be Dependable, Respectful your Body and what you put into it, Exercise, Join the Gym Respect the land and all who walk upon her, Find time for fun and love, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, Become environmentally aware, Think Green, Be Kind to Animals  

Personality Profile

The Knight of Pentacles is the Fiery part of Earth and the most serious of all the Knights. He represents Action (Fire) combined with results (Earth). His horse is stationary while all the others are moving. He is not in a hurry anywhere and has all the patience in the world to get where he is going. He sits upon his trustee steed contemplating his pentacle.

In the background is a freshly ploughed field and this is where he has just come from.  He has sown the seeds of many Pentacles in this rich soil which he carefully chose for its strong nutrient value and content.  We saw this Knight depicted in the 4 of Pentacles when he was holding on to his money and saving hard.  All the effort has paid off and now we can see where he has decided to invest. He has done his research well and knows that this land in time will bear a rich crop and he will reap the rewards of such a bountiful harvest.  He contemplates the Large Pentacle in his hand and looks forward to the day when his nicely ploughed field will yield bumper crops of the same.  Then he will enjoy and savour his success and especially his financial stability.  However, in the meantime, there is much work to be done as these pentacle seeds will need careful maintenance for some time to come.

The yellow clear skies suggest that he has put much thought into his future goal, the Pentacle he holds and admires.  Whereas the Page first came up with the idea and formed a plan, the Knight takes it a step further and uses the Fire energies to put the plan into action.   The oak leaves on his helmet symbolise his connection to the earth and he knows he can manifest anything he so desires by using its energy.  Earth will make many demands of him as this crop grows as his element will expect a result from all the energy expended. This Knight is not afraid of hard work and will never be averse to getting his hands dirty.  For him this is a work of love as his connection to the very earth he stands on provides him with stability and security. In fact, he may find it very hard to leave his field and will probably spend more time working it than at home.

His horse is dark and mysterious and appears more solidly built than the rest. He may very well use this horse for pulling a plough as well as for riding. ‘Waste not Want not’ is often his mantra and the Knight of Pentacles will happily and doggedly go through years of frugality while building his empire.  He is prudent and cautious. He has the determination and tenacity to succeed and when he does, he will then enjoy his money and all it will provide him with.  This Knight suggests commitment, hard work and setting realistic goals for yourself.

In relationships, the Knight of Pentacles is serious and stable and has his life well planned out. He is reliable and will turn up when he says he will. He sticks tirelessly to his goals, his work, so don’t expect him home at 5pm every day. He can be quite emotionally immature and will put money and material things in front of everything else.

His partner will have to be sensible and stable just like him and a hard worker.  This might be suitable for some but others would find it lacking in excitement and fun. He will actually choose a partner on whether she is suitable for the life and work he is involved with instead of who he may be physically drawn to. He sees his partner as a long-term investment so a sensible choice will always be made.  If you don’t mind or even enjoy rising at 5am to help him out at his stall in the local organic market, or bring the horses in out of the snow in the middle of the night then this Knight may very well be interested in you.  It would also be handy if you helped him with the accounts and lay on dinner parties for his business associates.  You will be richly rewarded for you contributions.

This Knight is often considered boring and dull and possibly older than his years.  He doesn’t play the field like the other Knights so when he finds the right partner her will be loyal and faithful.  He will expect the same in return as he likes to know where he stands.  His is not the most exciting of Lovers but he is tender and caring.  He may not be up there with the Knight of Cups in the romance department but will provide his partner with security and stability and providing she can last the course of time, a financially comfortable lifestyle and superb home.  He can be dark and mysterious and when he wants to be, sexy and sensual too.  He can easily look after himself and is wonderful in the kitchen too where you will find no pre-packed frozen food.  The Knight works hard and sometimes too hard so a loving understanding partner is a must as you may not get to see a lot of him.   By the time he evolves into the King of Pentacles most of the hard work will be done and he will have more time on his hand.

Whereas he is known to be very frugal and prudent at this stage of his development he does have a taste for the good things in life and knows quality when he sees it.  When he does decide to spend money, which will not be very often in the early days, he will buy the best he can afford.  The Knight of Pentacles is the type who has the patience to sit on orange crates for two years while he saves for an exquisite designer hand crafted armchair.  He will develop a taste for good wine, good food and art too.  The Pentacles in general recognise all things of beauty and do like to surround themselves with their luxurious possessions.  The Knights attitude is that some things are worth waiting for. No better man to see this through

This Knight may have a tendency to overwork but is conscientious and dependable. He approaches life in a methodical practical manner. He is not to be hurried and can become quite stubborn. Money and land is important to him, as is property. This Knight looks after his physical body takes great pride in his appearance. Exercise and nutrition could be important and you may find him selling his organic products at the local farmers markets.

Career wise, the Knight of Pentacles does likes to have his own business and control over his life. While all the other Knights are out cavorting, travelling, loving and exploring this Knight is studying, planning and working towards his future.  He expects a considerable profit for all the effort he puts in and that is not always possible when you work for someone else.  When he does seek employment he prefers to work for long-established and traditional old institutions, like banks, accountancy firms and large corporations.  He likes routine with little surprises.  He does not handle change very well and can become stubborn and difficult when new policies or methods are introduced in work.  When he works for himself, he is full control.

Careers that take him out onto the land and into nature are especially attractive to him so farming, forestry, horticulture etc are suitable choices along with environmental studies.  He is also a strong animal lover so a career as a vet or working in animal rescue would suit him.

The Knight of Pentacles coming into a career reading would suggest you have what it takes to be successful.  He advises to take a practical and well researched approach to either the career or job you are after.  Make sure it is what you want and then put the commitment in.  He would suggest too that money is very important so whatever job it is then you will need a decent salary.  If you are deciding between two job offers and the Knight of Pentacles comes up for one of your choices then he is telling you that the company are solid, stable, financially secure and well organised.  They probably pay well too and invest in their staff.

If you need extra qualifications then work and study at the same time.  I know it sounds tedious but you will be glad you did in the long run.  Thinking of setting up a business? When this Knight appears it is a good omen but don’t expect to be rolling in too soon.  You will have to be patient, put the time in and if starting up your business in that spare bedroom or garden shed is your only option for a premises think of all the money you will be saving on renting a flashier place. That can all come in time.   However, you must guard against working too hard as this Knight is so intense he can overdo it in this department. A healthy balance of work, rest and play is needed to prevent him from becoming too fixed and materialistic.

The Knight of Pentacles tends to become less serious as he gets older. He may have relationship problems with his father but this is probably because they are both cut from the same cloth. He has a tendency to turn into his father as he gets older. He can appear much older than his age due to his seriousness but emotionally he will be immature. If found with the Devil card of the Major Arcana this Knight can represent a Capricorn person.  Capricorn personalities are by nature very concerned with the material world and finances.

When travel is suggested then it would have to be travel overland. This Knight prefers to travel in something sturdy, reliable and practical so a jeep would be preferable.


Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Unreliable, Unstable, Unfocused, Unskilled, Financial Insecurity, Unemployed, Idle, Lazy, Slob, Couch Potato, No Goals, No Long Term Plan, No Prospects, Irresponsible, Inpatient, Weak, Drop Out, Gambler, Risk Taker, Dull, Boring, Too Conservative, Un-adventurous, Lack of Initiative, Stubborn, Inflexible, Pessimistic, Glass Half Empty, Obstinate, Fixed, Stagnant, Bogged Down, Unhealthy, Animal Abuse, Hunter, Environmentally Unfriendly, Wasteful, No Conscientious, – Workaholic, Grinding, Money Mad, Gym Fanatic, Body Obsessed,  No Fun – Work Done, Taking a Break From Work

When reversed this Knight can become lazy and lacking in motivation. He may want all the things that money can buy but does not have the commitment and determination to go out and get it through hard work. He may enjoy all the riches in life but do nothing to earn them as he lives off someone else’s money.  He may clash with his father on a regular basis if that is where his money is coming from.  He lacks a long-term plan as his interests flit from this to that, taking up a course of study only to drop it half way through to start another one. With the Fire energies gaining strength in the reversed we find him lose interest too soon in anything he starts.  He has no staying power and bores easily.  It all seems like too much work at the end of the day.

Just because he is reversed does not mean that he has no interest in money.  On the contrary, this reversed Knight when under the influence of Fire is attracted to get rich quick schemes and taking risks.  He makes for the failed Business Man who has invested unwisely or has not thoroughly researched his market.  He may have been trying to sell products that no one wants or thinks that the business will look after itself as he takes his eye off the ball.  He is drawn to gambling and sometimes with other people’s money.  He lacks any business sense and is better at spending money than making it.

In relationships, this Knight reversed has a tendency to marry for money.  He may wheedle his way into the heart of the boss’s daughter or give the appearance of being financially successful to entry into higher social circles.  He will talk about his plans of how he will build an empire and how successful it will be which will impress people but nothing will ever come of it.  He can happily live off his partner’s money or sit back and let her go out to work.

On the other hand, he can be so caught up in the material world of having and getting  that he has no time for anything else in his life or his relationship. People see him as boring and no one wants to get stuck with him at a dinner party.

He can grind himself down to the bone with work and will drive everyone along with him.  He is relentless and stubborn, like a bull-dog..  Everything other than work is considered a waste of time.  Any displays of initiative by staff will be viewed as risky as he carries a doom and gloom attitude about everything. He can be excessively pessimistic. He does not know how to enjoy himself or even how to spend his money as the prudence of the upright Knight becomes meanness or austerity in the reverse.

This reversed Knight may just suggest that he is unemployed and depressed or he could be stuck in a boring job with no prospects.

He may be over doing it in working and is exhausted. Alternatively all the hard work may be done as we see him looking out over his well ploughed field. The Knight now has the time to enjoy himself. This Knight generally associates his self-worth with what he has achieved and what he possesses as these define who and what he is. They give him status which is very important to the Pentacles.  If he has fallen short of the mark in these areas then he is bound to be disgusted with himself and feel unworthy with a low sense of self-esteem.

When it comes to physical health, he can be either a lazy slob lying around on a couch all day long eating his head off or he could be addicted to the gym, body building and a health food fanatic.

In the upright Knight of Pentacles we find the animal lover and environmentalist.  However, when he reverses we see another side to him as he can be found to abuse animals and the environment.

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