The Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles 

The Ambitious Builder and Up-and-Coming Successful Business Man

Knight of Pentacles Upright

Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


Commitment, Hard Worker, Toil for Rewards, Lucrative, Profit, Gain, Cautious, Ambitious, Financial/Material Matters, Building a Business/Empire, Business Man, Skilled, Building Financial Security, Goals, Long-Term Plans, Down to Earth, Practical, Common Sense, Standards, Methodical, Tenacious, Stable, Endurance, Loyal, Loving, Friendly, Supportive, Dependable, Responsible, Honest, Reliable, Persistent, Patient, Tenacity, Stubborn, Solid, Strong, Physical Health, Longevity, Conscientious, Conservative, Conventional, Family, Traditional, Prudent, Protective, Defensive, Possessive, Domestic, Farming/Farmer, Organic/Green, Animal/Nature Lover, Land, Conservationist, Environmentalist, Outdoors, Study


Work hard for What you Want, Finish what you Start. Commit to Something Worthwhile, Set Goals, Be Patient, Realistic and Practical, Be Cautious, Don’t take Foolish Risks, A bit of Hard work never did anyone any Harm, Stick With it, Use Your Skills and Knowledge, Invest Wisely, Check and Double Check, Get out onto the Land and Reconnect to Mother Nature, Keep Focused, Commitment may be Required and Expected of you at this Stage, Be Dependable, Respect your Body and what you put into it, Exercise, Join the Gym, Respect the land and all who walk upon her, Find time for fun and love, All work and no play made Jack a dull boy, Become environmentally aware, Think Green, Be Kind to Animals

Personality Profile, Card Imagery and Description                      

The Knight of Pentacles is of The Earth Element, but just like his fellow Knights, is also influenced by Fire. Thus we have a combination of the Elemental Energies of Earth and Fire within him. We find a predominant Knight of Pentacles with a dash of The Knight of Wands.

knight_of_pentacles Knight of Wands Upright

Earth influenced by Fire

Knights represent the Fiery Part of the Court Cards regardless of their Suit Element.  Therefore The Knight of Pentacles represents the Fiery part of Earth. In The Knight of Pentacles we have Fire influencing Earth; actions influencing material or financial concerns. What this means is that this Knight is results oriented. The Knight of Pentacles does not indulge, or participate in senseless action. He does not waste his time on ridiculous or frivolous pursuits. He approaches his time as he does the rest of his resources. He must utilise them to their maximum potential and advantage.

Earth can get extremely heavy and bogged down if left to its own devices. Earth is constant and generally solid and reliable. We lay down foundations on Earth and develop roots that can last a lifetime and beyond. Sometimes these roots can pull on us too much, making it difficult to move as it draws us further down into its grasp. Earth holds us all together and gives us the yardstick by which we measure our tangible achievements, success and possessions. However, as essential as Earth is to us all, it can have extremes of effects on us.

With Earth as our stabilising foundation, we can all just about manage to build a roof over our heads, and forage in the wild for just enough to sustain us and clothe us. We can live off the land and be quite content with our lot. On the other hand, we can use the Earth to provide us with so much more. We can build great houses instead of hovels, farm the land so that it yields bountiful harvests to sustain us without worry of starvation, and properly use its natural resources to craft quality clothing to suit our environment. The difference between the two is Fire. Earth is there for any of us to utilise so that we may exist, but when we add Fire to the mix, great things can be achieved.

Fire influences Earth to move and act upon its own resources. Fire provides the inspiration and drive that Earth requires to get up and going. Without Fire, Earth will stand still, or move at a snail’s pace. Fire can move even the greatest weight of Earth to transform itself into something magical and wonderful. Earth is practical, conservative and traditional, while Fire is dynamic and responsive. It enthuses and motivates Earth to pull off its heavy mud-leaden boots and take off at a jog, if not exactly a run. It loosens the shackles that Earth can enforce upon us and promotes freedom of movement across its surface. Fire wishes to expand and experience all, especially the new or novel. Earth can prefer to stay still, and enjoys the security and stability of the safe, known, tried and tested. Earth does not always wish to know what lies beyond the perimeter of its own territory as it can become quite settled in its own space.

Fire forces Earth out of its languishing lethargy and blasts restlessness into its soul. Earth then sees itself in a new light and becomes curious about how much more it can do. This all sounds wonderful, as if Earth has been sitting around waiting for Fire to come and rescue it, but Fire, if not kept in check, can destroy Earth and bring to ruin any hard work and effort that has gone into forming it to the individual’s needs. Too much Fire can inhibit growth and make whatever has grown, wilt or die.  Fire brings a much needed dose of activity to Earth, but it can all get out of hand. Fire can scorch the Earth if applied in extreme quantities and will leave devastation in its wake if allowed to run unchecked.

Fire is the exact opposite of Earth in its need for movement and activity. Earth will calmly sit and patiently wait for things to come about naturally, while Fire is impatient and may want to use force to achieve a result. Speed, and reaching the destination in the fastest possible time is how Fire can choose to work. Earth prefers to take things slowly and progress at a steady pace, never getting ahead of itself, preferring to gradually acquaint itself with any changes in scenery or demands along the way. Fire takes the shortcuts whenever possible, while Earth usually opts for the traditional long route so that it knows where it is at any time.  Earth plans for the journey ahead and sets itself a schedule as to how to get from A to B. Fire flies by the seat of its pants and works things out as it goes along.

Fire and Earth can be at terrible odds with each other. Fire can get terribly frustrated with the speed Earth moves at, and Earth likewise resents being forced out of its comfort zone. Fire has much to offer Earth, yet Earth has important lessons to teach Fire. We all know what happens when too much Fire builds up beneath a stubborn Earth that refuses to let it out. It will eventually find a fault line in Earth and will erupt through it.  This can happen when we least expect it, but it is usually after extreme pressure has been allowed to build up over time. How can these two Elements work together?

It is to The Knight of Pentacles that we must look for our answer, for it is he who must carry the burden of responsibility in this task. Because he is of the Earth Element, but also influenced by Fire, The Knight of Pentacles must work hard to strike a balance between the two. The Knight of Pentacles is not alone in this matter for his comrade Knights must also juggle Fire without getting their hands burnt. This is why the Four Knights of the Tarot can easily slip into one extreme or the other should they fail to control their instinctual urges. To have Fire as an influencing Element is always going to create a few sparks and drama along the way. Some of The Knights may find it quite difficult coping with the influence of Fire regardless of how much they enjoy its thrilling company. Trouble normally occurs when trying to keep Fire under control.  However Fire is essential to the Rank of Knight in Tarot, and individually they must learn to deal with it sensibly, especially the Knight of Wands himself who has a double dose of it.

Knights are traditionally extrovert and action oriented. Their Rank demands they go forth into the world and conquer it. They cannot be seen to take a passive role in any situation. Regardless of how they feel about the demands Fire makes of them, their role is that of the movers and shakers in The Court Cards. They are the ‘go getters’, the ambitious maturing young adults of their individual Suits. They must claim their territory and take their rightful place in the world.  They must show courage and face all challenges and opposition head-on. They must march forth and seek progress and development. All Knights must protect and defend their individual realm and take on responsibilities that would not be expected of them as a Page. The Knights reflect the future of their Suit and lead by example. They must be prepared to take charge and control of their lives, play on their strengths and weed out their weaknesses. How they manage their time as Knight will eventually be reflected in the quality of Queen or King they mature into. Therefore it is essential that each Knight harness the positive qualities of Fire to their advantage, but not at the expense of others.

Harnessing Fire is no easy task and is certainly not for the faint-hearted. However, Fire will not have so easy a time with The Knight of Pentacles as it did with the previous three Knights. The  Knight of Pentacles will prove hard to move at times and is not as combustible as some of the other  Knights. Neither will he be intimidated by the likes of Fire. In fact he may try to ignore Fire a lot of the time and seek to go it alone. He may resist the urges Fire releases in him and view any sparks as potentially dangerous or risky. Should he decide to go that way, he might take forever to arrive at his destination. As he slowly plods along, he can become quite content with his lot. He may fall into inertia or stagnation, yet refuse any help Fire may offer to pull him out of it. He could get very stubborn with Fire, insisting that he is quite happy where he is and does not seek advancement. Fire sees opportunity all around and wants The Knight of Pentacles to take advantage of it as quickly as possible. They may go head to head at times over The Knight of Pentacle’s reluctance to immediately jump on board every new opening that Fire brings to his attention. Fire finds excitement in just about everything, yet The Knight of Pentacles may barely raise an eyebrow. This could lead to terrible frustration.

If they can accept each other’s differences and methods of approach to life, they could work wonderfully together. Of all the Knights, The  Knight of Pentacles has the power to exert the most control over Fire. With his down to earth approach and practical, no-nonsense head on his shoulders, he will see the potential of Fire and how it can help him reach his goals. He will allow Fire to lift him out of his trench and move him forward, as long as he is allowed to hold onto the reins and steady the pace from gallop to a healthy trot. The Knight of Pentacles will tell the enthusiastic and highly energetic Fire when it is necessary to slow down. Earth will bring Fire down to Earth when it gets too carried away. The Knight of Pentacles is no fool, and is certainly not impressionable. Neither is he easily influenced nor swayed, so he may be in the perfect position to extract the most benefit from Fire. Fire will only ever be seen to take charge when The Knight of Pentacles Reverses.  When Fire positively influences Earth, The Knight of Pentacles will experience passion in how he approaches his life. He will find joy and love in what he does, and in his relationships, rather than working or acting purely from obligation or duty. He will be motivated to move towards his goals and dreams with confidence and courage. Without Fire, The Knight of Pentacle’s life might become terribly dreary and predictable. He may journey towards his goals, but it may all seem like a lot of hard work or drudgery, and he could take forever to get there. Without Fire, he may be full of dreams and ambition, yet fear of failure or loss may see him back off.

So with all the above in mind, let us now set out to meet this sensible young Knight of Pentacles and his trustee old friend, his Horse.



As we enter the scene before us in The Knight of Pentacles, we are surprised to find an atmosphere of peace and calm surrounding us. With the previous three Knights there was a certain charge of electricity in the air, especially with the Knight of Wands and the Knight of Swords. Instead we find ourselves in the midst of a pastoral scene. The countryside, nature, spreads out in all directions as we take a good look around. Field, upon field, all bordered with thick deep green hedging stretch out as far as the eye can see. The Fields are all freshly ploughed and we can smell the pungent scent of damp, rich earth. These fields have been meticulously ploughed, and the deep even furrows of the turned soil are a wonder to behold. We realise we are observing natural art at its most beautiful and let out a deep sigh of appreciation. The scene before us looks like a painting, and as we observe more closely, we notice there is not a rock or stone to be seen in the deep dark earth of the field closest to us. We presume the rest are likewise.  Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to clear the fields to this high standard. This is the type of work which would be referred to as back-breaking and must have taken forever to complete. Stamina and tenacity would be required as most personalities would balk at the enormity and tedium of such a task.

Further across the fields, a small copse of mature trees stand majestically looking down upon the undulating land as the furrows roll out in continuous waves around them. They seem proud to be a part of this county idyll.  The fields are ploughed on either side of these trees and we wonder if it would not have made more sense to clear them out of the way.  Would they not prove an inconvenience to the one who must plough this land? Whoever owns these fields went to considerable trouble to preserve them. They are rather beautiful and do add some variety to the scenery. They must also be quite old and we acknowledge that it would be a terrible shame if they had to be cut down just to make ploughing the field more efficient. The person connected to this land is obviously a conservationist and is conscientious about the foot print they leave behind on the land.


In the far distance, we see a large mountain range with their peaks stretching up to the sky. The sky itself is clear and filled with the deep golden glow of the autumnal sun. There is a mild breeze, and the air is filled with the sound of bird song and the distant call of cattle and horses. This is agricultural land. We are standing in the middle of farming country.

We hear the loud neigh of a horse and spin around. To our left, and slightly out of close visual range, we see a horse and rider. How come we did not notice them before? Had they been there all along, sitting quietly, unaware of us, just as we were unaware of them? Maybe they have just arrived? We suddenly realise that we are on private property and might be in trouble for trespassing. We pull back closer to the thick hedging behind us and conceal ourselves midst the dense branches. We can now safely observe them without fear of discovery.


The Horse and Rider, The Knight of Pentacles, stand facing the nearest ploughed field. The Horse is huge, absolutely enormous. He is by far the biggest mount of all the Knight’s. He is dark, almost black, and built like a tank. His head is very large, and his eyes are intense under a heavy brow. He has a massive strong muscular chest and thick trunk-like legs. His hooves are gigantic and his long fetlocks are caked in mud. His body is very impressive boasting a startling expanse of girth. Sitting upon this Horse, The Knight of Pentacles must feel like he is in a big, comfy armchair. This giant of a Horse is solid and commands a strong presence, yet there is a gentle air about him. His mane flows loose and thick over his neck. The Horse stands stock still, with the exception of the muscles in his neck that twitch occasionally. His ears do like-wise so that he can clear the flies that continually buzz around his head.


We notice he wears a small branch covered in oak leaves attached to the headband of his bridle. This simplistic practice is commonly used by riders to protect their horses from the annoyance of flies when out riding. There are many sprays and lotions that can be purchased to deter the onslaught of flies, but why bother with such expense when Mother Nature provides so wonderfully well for such circumstances.  We register another thought that has just entered our minds. This is The Knight of PentaclesHorse, and not only does the Oak branch protect the Horse, it also acts as a strong symbol of the Earth Element. This Knight is proudly letting us know who he is and to which Court Family his Horse belongs. The Knight’s Horse is an outstanding representation of Earth. He is strong and solid, just like Earth. Unlike the other Knight’s Horses, he is content to be still. He does not have to prance around or show off by galloping at break-neck speed everywhere he goes. He is acutely aware of his strength and abilities but understands that he has responsibilities to his master. He also has responsibilities to the land. He does not indulge in such shallow or frivolous practices for he has important things to do. He must conserve his energy for more productive pursuits.


The  Knight’s Horse has many uses.  Today, and for many weeks previously, he has been out on the land from dawn to dusk, pulling the heavy plough under the gentle guidance of his master, The  Knight of Pentacles. Both he and his master have been at this work for much time and are never put off by a bit of unpleasant weather. The fields won’t plough themselves, and the Horse knows that many rely on the Knight’s commitment to them. The crops that eventually grow in these fields will feed the family and farm workers. The profits from excess produce will pay for a roof over their heads and put clothes on their back. Many would feel burdened by such responsibility, but not his master, The Knight of Pentacles. Responsibility is his middle name and he also feels that it is his duty as  Knight to manage such projects. After all, he is young, healthy, physically fit and strong. He takes it all in his stride and knows what he is doing.


The Horse works hard during this time of year, but enjoys being out in the open, just as much as his Master does. There will be plenty of time for rest once the work is done. He is well fed and his every nutritional need catered for. Back at the Farmyard he has a large warm stable with deep, clean straw bedding.  After a long hard day out on the land, the Knight throws a rug over his back, the rug we can see resting under the Knight’s saddle, so that he does not catch a chill as his muscles cool down. The Knight of Pentacles cares about his Horse’s welfare. Once he is rugged he is allowed to graze on the soft grass that borders the field before walking slowly back to the homestead. There is no rush, no panic, and no stress. The Knight talks to him and gives him the odd pat on the neck every now and then. He praises him for the hard work he has done and calls him his ‘best friend’.  Even if it is raining or windy, the Knight never drives him on after a long day out on the land. He is aware that his Horse is tired and weary. He lets his Horse set his own pace and they always get there in the end. It is their daily routine. The Horse knows that he is respected and appreciated by his Master. He works hard and at times gets very tired, but so does his Master. He wouldn’t swap with any of the other  Knight’s Horses who are all go for a while, charging here and there, but then spend long boring days cooped up in a stable with grooms shouting at them or pushing them around.

The Knight of Pentacles has no need for a groom for he tends to his Horse himself and wouldn’t have it any other way. Both Knight and Horse know each other very well and work closely together. They can sense when something in wrong with the other. The Knight of PentaclesHorse has fond memories of all the glorious times of the year they share; from the ploughing in late autumn, to the growth in spring and the harvesting in late summer. He loves the habits, routine and traditions that go with working the land as each season comes and goes. The Knight never works him every day and makes sure that he gets adequate rest. He loves the routine back in the Farmyard as they arrive home from their labors of the day with the sun setting over the distant mountains. The Knight always dismounts after they come through the arch into the cobbled stable yard. He then leads him inside and fetches a handful of straw with which he rubs him down, dislodging the dried-in sweat and dust from his coat. He takes buckets of water and washes the thick cloying mud from his hooves, and picks the congealed bits out of his thick metal shoes so that he is clean and comfortable. He then brushes him down from head to tail, focusing on massaging his sore, aching muscles. Once that is done, the Knight fetches his feed, hay and some water for his stable.  In the cooler weather, he throws a thick wool rug on him before leading him into his stable where he is left to munch on his supper, content and happy that all in the world is well. The master always re-appears with an apple or carrot before saying goodnight and heading into the house. These habits and practices make the Horse feel stable and secure.


When The Knight is at home and not working on the land, there are always supplies to be fetched from the local town, or errands to be run to the village or neighbouring farms. The Knight of Pentacles has a sturdy wagon with a harness. The Horse pulls the wagon and supplies, or carries family to and fro. Everyone calls him by his name, pats him fondly, or gently pulls his mane. They treat him as a very important member of their family and never forget a handful of treats for him after they have been to the store. He feels blessed in their loving care and attention. Life is certainly good for this Horse and he knows that all the other farm animals and family pets are loved, cherished and nurtured just as he is.  The Pentacles are a kind, loving and caring family.

And then there are the other times, when other duties must be attended to. His Master is a Knight after all and this means that he must be prepared to protect and defend his realm. This sometimes involves going into battle and taking on the opposition. The Knight of Pentacles chooses his battles carefully. He is a lover of peace and harmony, preferring to live and let live. He does not intentionally seek battle and will aim to find a more practical way of dealing with confrontation. However, when his own safety, the safety of kith and kin, or realm is threatened, he will don his suit of armour and courageously ride out onto the battle field to overthrow the enemy. During these awful, but necessary times, the Horse sees a big change in his Master. He can be stubborn and fierce as he becomes obsessive about his territory and possessions. However, he always fights an honourable battle, and when all is done and dusted, his enemies usually hold him in high regard. He is respected by all everywhere he goes and most people warm to his helpful and friendly approach. He seeks practical solutions to any crisis on the battle field and rarely loses his temper. When he does explode, his Horse knows that he has been provoked to the edge of his limits. Never, does he take out his bad mood on his Horse like some of the other Knights he has seen behave in such manner.


Out on the battlefield, The Knight’s kind and gentle giant of a horse, looks ferocious. His very height and build are intimidating to the enemy. He towers above them all and the thud of his hooves sound like thunder as he charges across the battle field. If he wanted to, The Knight of Pentacles could ask his Horse to crush them all under his heavy hooves, but he doesn’t work that way. He is not in it for the kill, or because he is blood thirsty or revengeful. He abhors the unnecessary taking of life, be it human or animal, and sees all life as sacred, but he must show his power and superiority as a Knight. The Knight of Pentacles’ battles usually take a bit longer than the other Knights who tend to rush in with all guns blazing, shooting first and asking questions later, except for the Knight of Cups of course. The Knight of PentaclesHorse knows that his Master only takes up arms as a last resort when all other avenues of resolution have been exhausted. He has also seen him swiftly disarm a brewing battle by bringing opposing sides to their senses. He seeks cooperation instead of confrontation, but like all Knights, he does like to get his own way. He manages this quite successfully through careful management and research of whatever issue is at stake. Because he demands nothing more of others than he does of himself, most tend to fall in with his suggestions as he does not come across as threatening or forceful in his approach. His common sense approach to crisis in general makes him a very useful person to have around. He always knows what to do. He is a fixer, a problem solver.

Not only does he have a way with Horses and animals in general, he also has a way with people. He may be quiet a lot of the time as he goes about his business, just getting on with things and not drawing attention to himself. His Horse knows that his Master is very ambitious but is not terribly showy or egotistical. He is not one for pushing himself to the front of the crowd, but when someone decides to probe deeper, they are often surprised by what they find. Behind his conservative and often reserved exterior, is a friendly, helpful and considerate young man. He likes to be of service to others and is quite the all-round handy-man who can fix anything. He is respectful of his family, friends, authority and elders. He is loyal and trustworthy and can be completely relied upon. He can come across as a bit dry at times but he does have a wicked black sense of humour that appears when he is with friends. While all the other Knights are making a song and dance, or a drama out of everything they do, The Knight of Pentacles works discreetly in the background, and regardless of what chaos is going on around him, gets the job done in a fuss free manner. He never moans or groans, and when something needs to be done, he rolls up his sleeves and gets to it while the others shout orders wildly around.

The fields would probably never get ploughed, certainly not to this standard, if it was up to the other Knights. They would be fighting over who should do what, where, when, and be coming up with mad schemes to get the job done as quickly as possible. No doubt those lovely old trees would be long torn down without a second thought. Certain Knights may not even have the time to supervise the work for they would be busy elsewhere with other, more exciting commitments. Maybe the Knight of Wands would think it fun to try his hand at working the plough for a little while, cheerily telling all that he has now become a Farmer, but he would bore after the first couple of lengths. He has heard The Knight of Wands exclaim to his master that the relentless repetitive work of ploughing endless fields would drive him to distraction. His master tends to smile to himself when these comments are thrown around. The Knight of Swords is always coming up with new ideas that might speed up the tedious effort that goes into preparing the fields to such exacting standards, but his Master never tries them out. He explains to all the baffled Knights that he enjoys his work and prefers doing things in the traditional manner, just like his father and grandfather before him. These friendly debates always end in the same manner with the Knight of Wands and Knight of Swords telling him that one day he will have to move with the times if he is not to be left behind. The Knight of Cups is the only one who sides with his master on this topic, thinking the ploughing to be quite romantic and nostalgic. He sometimes brings his easel or sketch pad down to the fields so that he can record such sentimental pastoral scenes. The only thing he objects to is all the mud that does its best to destroy his good clothes no matter how much he tries to protect them, not to mention the state his darling pale, grey mare ends up in. His master always suggests that he wear something old or more sensible at such times, but The Knight of Cups is horrified by the suggestion that he own anything so dull and boring.  The Knight of PentaclesHorse has many tales to tell.



We shall find out all about the Knight himself shortly, but for today, he has put a saddle on his Horse instead of the plough harness. He has ridden out to inspect his land. When he is not working the land but still at home, he likes to take stock of both the work he has already done, and that which still needs to be attended to.  He checks for broken fences, rusting gates, poisonous plants or wild flowers that would endanger his livestock. He carries out any repairs as he goes. He dismounts at the edge of the ploughed fields and scoops up handfuls of the soft moist earth to examine its texture and scent before letting it fall back to earth through his calloused fingers.  His Horse knows that he is checking the quality of the soil. Occasionally he spots stray stones and removes them to form a pile in the corner. He recycles these unwanted stones when mending the crumbling lows walls around the farmyard. Nothing goes to waste and he finds a use for everything.  He believes the land provides him with everything he needs to survive. The Knight of Pentacles calls these his rest days, but even when he is resting he is still working. Nothing is expected of his Horse on these outings other than to carry his Master back and forth. Sometimes he asks his Horse for his opinion on one thing or another, as if he appreciates his advice. His Horse neighs or paws the ground in response and gets a firm pat in return.

Today, we find him going through this habitual ritual of dismounting and testing the soil. He has moved between the ploughed furrows to gather large stones which may inhibit the growth of his crops. He has dirtied his hands and tunic in the process but doesn’t seem to mind. He has scraped as much of the damp soil off his boots before mounting his horse once more.

The Knight himself looks as solidly built as his horse. He is strong boned and muscular. Although the Knight is very conscientious about what he puts into his body, his fine physique is more linked to hard physical work, and being outdoors, rather than any specific exercise or diet regime. He eats to fuel his body for the labours of the day ahead. He enjoys hard grafting work but with his innate understanding of nutrition, he seeks wholesome food that will sustain him. Toiling in the fields or being in the saddle all day makes for a hungry young man who has a ferocious appetite. In his upright state, you will not find any spare flesh on this young Knight.

He has energy to burn, but not in the outward manner of The Knight of Swords or Wands. The Knight of Pentacles is also a keen sportsman. You will find him in the young, ambitious and strategic rugby player who can be relied upon to be consistent and diligent in his play. He rarely seeks the limelight yet possesses a powerful presence when on the pitch. He goes out on match day and gets the job done, but his moves can be a little predictable. He is not as flexible and adaptive as some of his Wands or Swords team mates, but when tension is high, forced errors can occur as the clock ticks away towards full time. It is The Knight of Pentacles who will save the day by calmly and steadily creating the opportunity for his team mates to follow through and score. The team know he can be relied upon to be where he is supposed to be, and do what he is best at. He doesn’t make a habit of letting down his team mates, or indeed his friends or family. Of course if anyone was to draw attention to his qualities or single him out for praise, he would be quick to brush aside all compliments and state that he was merely doing his job. He is quite a private person and prefers to be allowed to come and go under the radar. He is not an attention seeker.

Obviously The Knight of Pentacles has a way with horses and can feel equally at home in the saddle as he does standing on his beloved earth. This makes for the perfect working relationship and he will do well in the Equestrian Sport’s World. He prefers individual competition, but when selected for the team, once more it will be The Knight of Pentacles who everyone will rely upon to achieve a clear round and cross the line on time. He is as steady as stone and rarely gets flustered or unnerved.


The Knight, like his fellow  Knights, wears a full suit of armour under his red tunic. This symbolises his rank of Knight. He is the mover and shaker of the Pentacles Family and his role is one of both protector and defender. He too must be on his guard, vigilant, alert and ready to step forward should his family, friends or realm need his services. However, unlike The Knight of Wands and Swords, he manages his Knightly role along with enjoying the simplicity of domestic living. His concerns are those of the material world and productivity, not the battle field, but when duty calls, he will give it his full attention. The colour of his tunic is red, the rug for his horse is red. So too is his Horse’s bridle. The colour red suggest his passion in life along with his drive and ambition. Because he chooses the same colour for horse as he does himself, this tells us the importance he places on the animal and natural kingdom. He may view his Horse as his equal and loyal friend. The colour red also suggests his desire to protect this realm and the environment in which they move. Note the branch of Oak leaves he has attached to his helmet. His Horse wears a similar branch in his bridle. The Oak leaves connect this Knight to the Element of Earth. The Oak in Ireland and Britain is considered The King of The Forest and is a symbol of strength, endurance, steadfastness and longevity. This ties in nicely with the persona of The Knight of Pentacles and his ClanThe Druids held the Oak Tree in high regard and connected it with deep wisdom. The Oak also provided the doorway from the physical world to the other-world.

Knight of Pentacles (9)

The Knight of Pentacles is just as ambitious as the other three Knights but he may not be as obvious or showy about it. He is strongly cussed on what he wants in life. He has been since an early age. He may not have bragged about it to his fellow Knights, but make no mistake, when This Knight appears on the scene, he has a very good reason for it. He is not a time waster and will have a pretty strict schedule drawn up for himself where his life is concerned.

As a Knight, he is the one in the Pentacles family who begins to make things happen. Success is well on its way, but not without a lot of hard work attached to it. The Page had great plans for what he wanted out of life. He or she was young and ambitious. As the Page planned for his or her future; setting short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, they were yet a distance away from fully implementing them. The Page was the student who worked hard to secure the knowledge and qualifications to pursue his or her goal. The Knight has moved beyond this stage. Yes, he may still be working towards further education and qualifications, but he has moved the Page’s plans forward by acting upon them. The Knight of Pentacles is beginning to realise some of the early goals. He represents the young ambitious business man beginning to make a name and reputation for himself.

As he stares out at as his expertly ploughed field, he can smell success not too far off in the future. This is exactly as he had planned it. He has done his research well, paced himself, controlled his finances, and worked his way methodically and carefully to this point. He can account for every seed he sowed and knows exactly where they came from. He has documented his whole journey so far and has kept meticulous financial accounts right from the beginning.  He has direct experience of every aspect of his business or project, for he has had to do it all himself. He likes to be self-sufficient, and a large part of his growing success is down to the careful management of the resources at his disposal. He hates waste and the human obsession with having to buy new all the time. This has saved him a fortune on several occasions as he trawled auctions and old farmyards for what he wanted.  The Knight of Pentacles wanted to crawl before he could walk and turned down any offers of ‘instant success, ‘get rich quick’ schemes and shortcuts to the top. The Knight of Pentacles focuses on what is achievable and feasible. He wants to be fully responsible for the success that lies in wait for him. Then he will have earned it off his own back and no one else’s. He abhors getting a hand-out or leg up as he believes there will always be a catch in it somewhere. This can make him quite proud and reluctant to ask for help when he badly needs it. He would rather go without then put his hand out to others. He admires those who carry similar standards and work ethics and will offer to help wherever he can.

When not on the battle field defending his realm, The Knight of Pentacles wears his suit of armour as a symbol of the need to protect and defend all that is his and what he is working towards. His suit of armour protects his finances and investments, the crops he has sown and all his goals. It represents the high-bricked or steel wall he has built around his growing empire. This is where his strong focus of attention lies. Security and protection are key to this Knight’s existence and he will go to great lengths to ensure that nothing disturbs the stable environment he is building his future on. On a symbolic level, The Knight of Pentacles has padlocks and chains on just about everything he owns. He is cautious and on guard in case anyone or anything should threaten to breach this security. He has no desire to lose that which he has gained so he can get a bit stressed over such issues. However, he is quite a trusting character in human nature.

His suit of armour is probably not his own. While the other three Knights took great delight in having brand new ones crafted to their individual design when they were initiated into their rank, The Knight of Pentacles probably had other ideas. From the time he was a Page he had his heart set on his father’s armor from when he too was a Knight. Admittedly, it was old, and the style dated, but it had been crafted out of quality metals and could be brought back to its former glistening and oiled condition with a bit of hard work and know how. His father, The King of Pentacles, was delighted when he asked for his permission, as he admired his son’s economy and also the tradition of handing down to his  Knight, the suit of armor that had served him well for so long. It had protected him and saved his life many times. There were dints and dents here and there which he pointed out to his Knight, recounting all the anecdotal stories of how they had been inflicted, yet never penetrated. The Knight of Pentacles felt so proud as he donned his father’s suit of armor, now his, for the first time. Yes, it was now his armor, yet in a way he felt he was simply the current custodian of it and that one day, he too would hand it down to another, maybe his own young Knight.

As he stood in the suit of armor that day, he felt the tradition of generations past which he was now a part of. Within the suit of armor breathed the knowledge, wisdom and abilities of his Pentacle Clan. With strong certainty he knew his duty was to carry on the work of his father and his father before. It was a heavy burden to carry, a massive responsibility to take on, yet he was both eager and humbled by the act. He would not let them down. He would build upon their previous success by becoming even more successful. He had watched his father and grandfather work hard to acquire the standard of living and status the family now enjoyed. Both had made many sacrifices along the way. Times were often very hard, work scarce, and money even scarcer, yet they never gave up. He had watched his own father, The King, lift, carry and toil to build the kingdom they now reside in. He will not let them down, he, The Knight of Pentacles will not be the one to ruin everything they worked so hard to establish. He would make it an empire.

8 of Pentacles Upright9 of Pentacles UprightKing of Pentacles Upright Queen of Pentacles Upright Page of Pentacles Upright 10 of Pentacles Reversed

The Knight of Pentacles is aware of the noble family he is from and also how affluent they are. He was born with their blood coursing through his veins. He will do just as they have done before. If it worked for his father and grandfather, then it will certainly work for him. His fellow Knights often suggest he tries new, modern ways, or approaches, instead of sticking with what they consider to be out of date modes of operation. They know that their advice often falls on deaf ears, and that The Knight of Pentacles can be terribly stubborn. The Knight of Wands has accused him of having plenty of ambition, but no imagination. The Knight of Swords becomes exasperated at his slow and cautious approach to everything and warns him of missing out on golden opportunities. The Knight of Cups cannot understand why he doesn’t get someone else to do all the dirty work, and why on earth he chose an old suit of armor over the chance of a bright new shiny modern one?

Knight of Wands UprightKnight of Cups UprightKnight of Swords Upright

The Knight of Pentacles is his own man, and no amount of cajoling or pushing and shoving will get him to budge unless he wants to. He has his own way of doing things and it may not appeal to everyone. Indeed some may feel he is too dull and boring, even old-fashioned. His idea of success is different to the others. He likes his success to build. He expects various stages to his success, and will keep clear of anything that seeks to take him away from the plans he has committed to in his mind and heart. This all stems from a belief that anything of value must be worked hard for and will be worth waiting for. There is also a belief that success gained too rapidly can disappear suddenly. Building slowly allows for control and charting progress. Too fast and essential details may be overlooked or research left incomplete. Then again, too slow and he may be too old to enjoy the success when it eventually arrives. All the fun might be leeched out of it before he can get his hands on it.  Herein lies one of The Knight of Pentacles’ challenges. How does he let enough Fire in to drive his ambitions without it seeking to take control? His persistent stubbornness can result in all or nothing.

Regardless of what the other Knights might think, The Knight of Pentacles is on his way to success, and usually in the area of the financial or material world. Those who understand his nature and personality will put their money on him as he promises the return on their investments. He is the safest bet in the long run, consistent and predictable. It is Th  Knight of Pentacles who will make money grow, and will also make whatever there is go a long way. He knows what he is doing where finances are involved. He also knows his own Element, Earth, inside and out. Therefore he is a man of the land and likes to acquire it. As the defender and protector of his Element, he is a conservationist and environmentalist. He is also strongly connected to the creatures of the land and can sometime value animals over humans, preferring the company of his dog to a social outing with his fellow Knights.


As we look more closely, The Knight of Pentacles is very handsome, dark and mysterious. Even though he is seen as quiet and introvert, strong, passionate urges smolder beneath the surface. He may lack the burning excitement of the  Knight of Wands, the ‘sweep you off your feet’ nature of The Knight of Swords and the smooth charm of The  Knight of Cups, but this Knight is hot under the covers where he likes to abandon himself to his raw earthy side. He enjoys the physical act of making love or sex as he appreciates the human form. This may come as quite a surprise or shock to a new partner. He certainly is a dark horse in this arena.

The Knight of Pentacles is approachable and friendly. He will want to help you in any way he can and will never turn his back on, or walk away from a situation thinking it someone else’s responsibility.  If he says he likes you, he means it. You should take it as a compliment as he only gives credit where it is due. He does not seek to charm, lead you astray or influence you. He does not need to rely on chat up lines or falsities, and has no time for anyone trying the same approach with him. What you see is what you get and he expects the same from you. If there are sides beyond that which remain concealed until you get to know him better, in general they are very positive. He was just slow in revealing them. Of course we must always remember that these traits only apply to The Upright Knight.

When The Knight of Pentacles declares his love for you, he is sincere and will have given it much thought before communicating it to you. He only commits to people or things which he values so you can expect loyalty and faithfulness. He will be considerate and caring and will take most things in his stride once he has a vested interest. He does expect to be treated with the same consideration and has no time for mind games or foolish behaviour. You can trust this Knight to look after you on every level, even if he is a tad serious at times. He will hold you in much respect. Where children are concerned, The Knight of Pentacles takes his role very seriously, but in a relaxed manner. He may work long hours and have much business to attend to, but when he is at home, he becomes a great family man. He enjoys domesticity and a homely lifestyle. He manages to discipline his children without being severe or harsh. He will not shy away from his share in baby duties and will learn how to change diapers with one hand. He likes having an active role in the rearing of his children and will want to provide a secure and stable environment in which they can grow and develop into well-rounded and grounded individuals. He will seek to instill his children with his own practical, common-sense personality traits, and will be on hand to advise and guide.  Both partner and children will know where they stand with him for he is consistent and reliable. Trouble only sets in when his children enter teenage and young adult years. It is then he begins to lose control, and finds it hard to understand their sometimes careless manner and rebellious ways. However, we are beginning to enter The King of Pentacles’ world so will leave that be for the moment.  Without Fire’s influence he could become dour and boorish, boring and plodding. Earth alone would demand too much of him and he would in turn become a slave to the material or financial world. He could become disconnected, remote and unavailable to his family. Fire releases fun and freedom and provides the perfect balance between work and play. Find the right balance of Fire and Earth in The Knight of Pentacles and you may count your lucky stars for you are truly blessed. They don’t come much better than this guy or girl.



The Knight of Pentacles reaches down to the side of his saddle and draws forth a large Pentacle. He holds this Pentacles aloft. The sky is a deep golden yellow, suggesting good fortune and success. The Pentacle takes on the colour of the sky. This large Pentacle is his ultimate goal. It symbolises the Golden Egg from where his Ultimate success will emerge. As he holds it aloft, he seeks to compare it to what he has accomplished so far. The fact that it takes on the golden colour of the sky is a strong indication that he is on the right track, and that all is well once he maintains his current progress. However, this is the original Pentacle from the Ace, and back at that stage it represented potential but not necessarily actuality. Until the Ultimate Goal is achieved, the Pentacle remains in an abstract state. It is similar to a crystal ball. When stared into, images and symbols shift and are impermanent. What is seen today may be gone tomorrow. The same applies to money, luck and fame.  Therefore, it is essential that this Pentacle is taken out and examined regularly to see if it is reflecting back a harmonious impression. What he holds in his hand, may only be a representation of his goal, an icon. It is the golden carrot he dangles in front of him. It keeps him going, and when he does attain his long-term goal, the Pentacle will completely manifest and become solid and weighty in his hand. He cannot stop until he achieves this. He will have to see his plans through to the very end before he can harvest the full rewards.


Achieving his goals may have him work very hard, day in and day out. He may sacrifice a lot; his freedom, relationships, social life and worldly goods on this ambitious journey. However, as a Knight, he is beginning to see the results of all his efforts. He may already be sitting on a nice heap of cash but it is unlikely he will be showy or extravagant with it in the early days. He, like all his family have a tendency to suffer from ‘fear of scarcity’. He may not feel financially secure until he has more than he could ever possibly need, and then he may need even more. There is definitely a building of success and wealth with this Knight, even if he is not ready to admit that to anyone just yet, and that includes himself. He thinks he still has a long way to go, but others will probably see him as well off. He won’t spend a lot at this stage but he will in the future when he has secured his ultimate success. However, there will be no spending his money on flash or bling. The car or jeep he buys will be top quality, but will be expected to work just as hard as he does, and have room for dogs and possibly a young family too. He may collect classic cars as a hobby when he grows older, but this will likely be seen as an investment.

The Knight of Pentacles is of the land, Earth, and as such will be drawn to building upon it. He may seek to design and build his own house, even learning certain trades so that he can be involved in the build himself. He is practical and down to earth with a no-nonsense attitude about him.

As The Knight of Pentacles sits contemplating his land, he appears calm and content. As a Pentacle, he was born with the disciplined art of patience. He is happy to wait and will see this project through to completion. Some things just cannot be rushed. He cannot force the young seedling Pentacles to push their heads up through the soil. Mother Nature is in control of that. It is important to let things grow and not be pulling or interfering with them. He has done his part of the job and now comes the incubation period, and a trust and belief that what he has invested will return to him three-fold.   The Knight of Pentacles has high expectations which are based on fact and research. He has set his standards high and will expect the very best of best. He has seen his father and grandfather do it. Now it is time to prove his worth and take his rightful role in the longstanding history and tradition of his family. He may still be young, but already he is thinking about the legacy he will leave for the next generation to come.

He never starts anything he cannot finish, and is loathe to start a new project until he has signed off on a previous one. He likes to give his full undivided attention, and maintain control of its progress and development. He is a natural born business person, and so likes to sail his own ship. However should he decide to seek employment instead, he will be an asset to any business. He is methodical and thorough in work where attention to fine detail is a requirement. He tends to be drawn to long-standing institutions; banks, government agencies and accountancy firms.


The Knight of Pentacles takes up the reins and moves his leg gently against his Horse’s side. With barely a nudge, the Horse moves forward and passes right by us. We draw back further into the hedge, not wanting to intrude on their journey or business. We watch the strong back of The Knight as he moves away from us.  The sun shines brightly overhead as the pair make their way slowly around the border of the field. We move out of our viewing spot and follow discreetly behind. Ahead of us The Knight moves across the furrows on a narrow track that we did not notice before. The Knight and his Horse head in the direction of the copse of trees we debated about earlier. We are close enough to see that they are Oak Trees and we smile knowingly. Why, of course they are we, chastise ourselves for not working that out earlier. The Oak Trees are huge; their trunks as wide as a road as they reach up towards the sky. The Knight guides his Horse in under their leafy boughs and dismounts. Beneath the trees, the Earth is dense and compact. Tufts of grass grow in patches here and there, wherever the sun has managed to breach the protective arms of the leaf covered Oaks. The Knight ties the reins in a knot and begins to pull the rug from under the saddle before spreading it on the ground. He reaches back to the saddle and we can now see him draw a parcel from its panier. He places this on the rug and unties the twine that holds the parcel together. Inside lies a large piece of bread, a chunk of cheese and a bottle of ale. He goes back to the saddle once more and takes another parcel. It is lumpy and large. Inside are chopped up apples and carrots. He places the pieces on the ground in front of his Horse who nudges his Master fondly before descending upon the tasty snacks. The Knight of Pentacles leaves his Horse loose and returns to the rug. He stretches his strong, muscular body and then sits down to eat his own food. The rug is stained from use on his Horse, but he neither notices nor minds. He sighs in content and leans back against the firm secure solidity of the trunk of Oak. Its roots curl up around him as if to embrace.

We feel caught in the moment and become totally absorbed in this scene of total pastoral tranquility. The sheer ordinariness of this display of simplicity is quite beautiful and we would love to capture this scene on canvas. As we stand at a distance with the sun beating down on our backs and heads, we understand why these trees where never removed. Not only are these ancient Oaks amazing to behold, they also serve a very useful purpose. They provide respite from the burning intensity of the sun, and offer the perfect spot to rest and eat during the labors of the day.  They also provide cover from heavy downpours and act as wind breaks for the precious crops that will fight for survival in the months to come. Nature has thought of everything and provided well. It seems that both The Knight of Pentacles and Mother Nature work in unison. As he drifts off into a relaxed slumber, we see his chest rise and fall. Beneath our feet we feel the Earth breathe too in exact rhythm.

All is well in The Knight’s world and it is time for us to take our leave. He has it all figured out and we are happy for him. We have so much more of an understanding about this young Knight. As we depart, we are careful not to trample on the young seedlings we can see bulging beneath the surface. We are puzzled by the pathway we follow. Is this not the same footpath we followed The Knight and his Horse down? We know it is, yet where are the hoof prints? There is no sign of them, not a trace. We look back upon the slumbering Knight and his munching Horse. A shimmer hovers around them and our eyes lose focus on the pair. Have we unknowingly wandered into a Faerie Ring? We are aware of a mystical air that engulfs us. Our eyes move back to the footpath and we feel an urgency to remove ourselves from this intrusion. As we find our way back to the hedge and gateway, it dawns on us why there were no hoof prints on the path. The Knight of Pentacles is of the Earth; deeply connected to Mother Nature. He consciously and subconsciously seeks to move through life with the least disturbance to the environment. He takes and uses only what he needs and leaves no footprint in his wake. Yes, we understand



Divinatory Meaning


Knight of Pentacles Upright

The Knight of Pentacles is the Fiery part of Earth and the most serious of all the Knights. He represents Action (Fire) combined with results (Earth). His horse is stationary while all the others are moving. He is not in a hurry anywhere and has all the patience in the world to get where he is going. He sits upon his trustee steed contemplating his pentacle.

In the background is a freshly ploughed field and this is where he has just come from.  He has sown the seeds of many Pentacles in this rich soil which he carefully chose for its strong nutrient value and content.  We saw this Knight depicted in the 4 of Pentacles when he was holding on to his money and saving hard.  All the effort has paid off and now we can see where he has decided to invest. He has done his research well and knows that this land in time will bear a rich crop and he will reap the rewards of such a bountiful harvest.  He contemplates the Large Pentacle in his hand and looks forward to the day when his nicely ploughed field will yield bumper crops of the same.  Then he will enjoy and savour his success and especially his financial stability.  However, in the meantime, there is much work to be done as these pentacle seeds will need careful maintenance for some time to come.

The yellow clear skies suggest that he has put much thought into his future goal, the Pentacle he holds and admires.  Whereas the Page first came up with the idea and formed a plan, the Knight takes it a step further and uses the Fire energies to put the plan into action.   The oak leaves on his helmet symbolise his connection to the earth and he knows he can manifest anything he so desires by using its energy.  Earth will make many demands of him as this crop grows as his element will expect a result from all the energy expended. This Knight is not afraid of hard work and will never be averse to getting his hands dirty.  For him this is a work of love as his connection to the very earth he stands on provides him with stability and security. In fact, he may find it very hard to leave his field and will probably spend more time working it than at home.

His horse is dark and mysterious and appears more solidly built than the rest. He may very well use this horse for pulling a plough as well as for riding. ‘Waste not Want not’ is often his mantra and the Knight of Pentacles will happily and doggedly go through years of frugality while building his empire.  He is prudent and cautious. He has the determination and tenacity to succeed and when he does, he will then enjoy his money and all it will provide him with.  This Knight suggests commitment, hard work and setting realistic goals for yourself.

In relationships, the Knight of Pentacles is serious and stable and has his life well planned out. He is reliable and will turn up when he says he will. He sticks tirelessly to his goals, his work, so don’t expect him home at 5pm every day. He can be quite emotionally immature and will put money and material things in front of everything else.

His partner will have to be sensible and stable just like him and a hard worker.  This might be suitable for some but others would find it lacking in excitement and fun. He will actually choose a partner on whether she is suitable for the life and work he is involved with instead of who he may be physically drawn to. He sees his partner as a long-term investment so a sensible choice will always be made.  If you don’t mind or even enjoy rising at 5am to help him out at his stall in the local organic market, or bring the horses in out of the snow in the middle of the night then this Knight may very well be interested in you.  It would also be handy if you helped him with the accounts and lay on dinner parties for his business associates.  You will be richly rewarded for you contributions.

This Knight is often considered boring and dull and possibly older than his years.  He doesn’t play the field like the other Knights so when he finds the right partner her will be loyal and faithful.  He will expect the same in return as he likes to know where he stands.  His is not the most exciting of Lovers but he is tender and caring.  He may not be up there with the Knight of Cups in the romance department but will provide his partner with security and stability and providing she can last the course of time, a financially comfortable lifestyle and superb home.  He can be dark and mysterious and when he wants to be, sexy and sensual too.  He can easily look after himself and is wonderful in the kitchen too where you will find no pre-packed frozen food.  The Knight works hard and sometimes too hard so a loving understanding partner is a must as you may not get to see a lot of him.   By the time he evolves into the King of Pentacles most of the hard work will be done and he will have more time on his hand.

Whereas he is known to be very frugal and prudent at this stage of his development he does have a taste for the good things in life and knows quality when he sees it.  When he does decide to spend money, which will not be very often in the early days, he will buy the best he can afford.  The Knight of Pentacles is the type who has the patience to sit on orange crates for two years while he saves for an exquisite designer hand crafted armchair.  He will develop a taste for good wine, good food and art too.  The Pentacles in general recognise all things of beauty and do like to surround themselves with their luxurious possessions.  The Knights attitude is that some things are worth waiting for. No better man to see this through

This Knight may have a tendency to overwork but is conscientious and dependable. He approaches life in a methodical practical manner. He is not to be hurried and can become quite stubborn. Money and land is important to him, as is property. This Knight looks after his physical body takes great pride in his appearance. Exercise and nutrition could be important and you may find him selling his organic products at the local farmers markets.

Career wise, the Knight of Pentacles does likes to have his own business and control over his life. While all the other Knights are out cavorting, travelling, loving and exploring this Knight is studying, planning and working towards his future.  He expects a considerable profit for all the effort he puts in and that is not always possible when you work for someone else.  When he does seek employment he prefers to work for long-established and traditional old institutions, like banks, accountancy firms and large corporations.  He likes routine with little surprises.  He does not handle change very well and can become stubborn and difficult when new policies or methods are introduced in work.  When he works for himself, he is full control.

Careers that take him out onto the land and into nature are especially attractive to him so farming, forestry, horticulture etc are suitable choices along with environmental studies.  He is also a strong animal lover so a career as a vet or working in animal rescue would suit him.

The Knight of Pentacles coming into a career reading would suggest you have what it takes to be successful.  He advises to take a practical and well researched approach to either the career or job you are after.  Make sure it is what you want and then put the commitment in.  He would suggest too that money is very important so whatever job it is then you will need a decent salary.  If you are deciding between two job offers and the Knight of Pentacles comes up for one of your choices then he is telling you that the company are solid, stable, financially secure and well organised.  They probably pay well too and invest in their staff.

If you need extra qualifications then work and study at the same time.  I know it sounds tedious but you will be glad you did in the long run.  Thinking of setting up a business? When this Knight appears it is a good omen but don’t expect to be rolling in too soon.  You will have to be patient, put the time in and if starting up your business in that spare bedroom or garden shed is your only option for a premises think of all the money you will be saving on renting a flashier place. That can all come in time.   However, you must guard against working too hard as this Knight is so intense he can overdo it in this department. A healthy balance of work, rest and play is needed to prevent him from becoming too fixed and materialistic.

The Knight of Pentacles tends to become less serious as he gets older. He may have relationship problems with his father but this is probably because they are both cut from the same cloth. He has a tendency to turn into his father as he gets older. He can appear much older than his age due to his seriousness but emotionally he will be immature. If found with the Devil card of the Major Arcana this Knight can represent a Capricorn person.  Capricorn personalities are by nature very concerned with the material world and finances.

When travel is suggested then it would have to be travel overland. This Knight prefers to travel in something sturdy, reliable and practical so a jeep would be preferable.



Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Unreliable, Unstable, Unfocused, Unskilled, Financial Insecurity, Unemployed, Idle, Lazy, Slob, Couch Potato, No Goals, No Long Term Plan, No Prospects, Irresponsible, Inpatient, Weak, Drop Out, Gambler, Risk Taker, Dull, Boring, Too Conservative, Un-adventurous, Lack of Initiative, Stubborn, Inflexible, Pessimistic, Glass Half Empty, Obstinate, Fixed, Stagnant, Bogged Down, Unhealthy, Animal Abuse, Hunter, Environmentally Unfriendly, Wasteful, No Conscientious, – Workaholic, Grinding, Money Mad, Gym Fanatic, Body Obsessed,  No Fun – Work Done, Taking a Break From Work

When reversed this Knight can become lazy and lacking in motivation. He may want all the things that money can buy but does not have the commitment and determination to go out and get it through hard work. He may enjoy all the riches in life but do nothing to earn them as he lives off someone else’s money.  He may clash with his father on a regular basis if that is where his money is coming from.  He lacks a long-term plan as his interests flit from this to that, taking up a course of study only to drop it half way through to start another one. With the Fire energies gaining strength in the reversed we find him lose interest too soon in anything he starts.  He has no staying power and bores easily.  It all seems like too much work at the end of the day.

Just because he is reversed does not mean that he has no interest in money.  On the contrary, this reversed Knight when under the influence of Fire is attracted to get rich quick schemes and taking risks.  He makes for the failed Business Man who has invested unwisely or has not thoroughly researched his market.  He may have been trying to sell products that no one wants or thinks that the business will look after itself as he takes his eye off the ball.  He is drawn to gambling and sometimes with other people’s money.  He lacks any business sense and is better at spending money than making it.

In relationships, this Knight reversed has a tendency to marry for money.  He may wheedle his way into the heart of the boss’s daughter or give the appearance of being financially successful to entry into higher social circles.  He will talk about his plans of how he will build an empire and how successful it will be which will impress people but nothing will ever come of it.  He can happily live off his partner’s money or sit back and let her go out to work.

On the other hand, he can be so caught up in the material world of having and getting  that he has no time for anything else in his life or his relationship. People see him as boring and no one wants to get stuck with him at a dinner party.

He can grind himself down to the bone with work and will drive everyone along with him.  He is relentless and stubborn, like a bull-dog..  Everything other than work is considered a waste of time.  Any displays of initiative by staff will be viewed as risky as he carries a doom and gloom attitude about everything. He can be excessively pessimistic. He does not know how to enjoy himself or even how to spend his money as the prudence of the upright Knight becomes meanness or austerity in the reverse.

This reversed Knight may just suggest that he is unemployed and depressed or he could be stuck in a boring job with no prospects.

He may be over doing it in working and is exhausted. Alternatively all the hard work may be done as we see him looking out over his well ploughed field. The Knight now has the time to enjoy himself. This Knight generally associates his self-worth with what he has achieved and what he possesses as these define who and what he is. They give him status which is very important to the Pentacles.  If he has fallen short of the mark in these areas then he is bound to be disgusted with himself and feel unworthy with a low sense of self-esteem.

When it comes to physical health, he can be either a lazy slob lying around on a couch all day long eating his head off or he could be addicted to the gym, body building and a health food fanatic.

In the upright Knight of Pentacles we find the animal lover and environmentalist.  However, when he reverses we see another side to him as he can be found to abuse animals and the environment.

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      Thanks so much for pointing that out. Yes, of course it should read ‘but not without a lot of hard work attached to it. I suppose you cannot remember how far down the text this typo was? If not, I will scour it until I find it. I presume most people like yourself know it is a typo but I want to get it fixed etc. Don’t worry if you can’t remember, I will pick through it until it turns up.




  2. Hi Vivien,
    My pleasure. The sentence is at the bottom of the section called Personality Profile, Card Imagery and Description, third line up from the bottom and begins with “like a lot of hard work,” on my screen, at least. But the phrase turns up right away if you do a search (Ctrl+F) on the page and type in “a lot of hard work”–without the quotation marks of course.:)
    Best regards,


    • Hi Linda,

      Got it eventually. Thank you again. Hope to start working on completing the Knight of Pentacles next week. He still needs his Divinatory Meanings; both Upright and Reversed, re-written. Can concentrate on him again now that The Celtic Cross has been sorted!



      • Hi Vivien,

        No worries. I’m looking forward to the new content and really appreciate what must be an enormous project. The “stories” you create for the court cards have been especially helpful in learning, understanding, and retaining the the messages of the various stages of the journey. So my understanding of the overall cycle is finally taking shape. Speaking of which, I’m currently reading the Book of Changes (I Ching) and can’t help but notice the parallels in meaning between the various hexagrams and the Major and Minor Arcana. I suppose the journey is the journey and not much changes about that, except the way in which it’s told. In any case, I’m very glad to have found your site and thank you for all the hard work you do.



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