Death (XIII) Reversed

Death (XIII) Reversed

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Death Reversed


When Death reverses we see the outcome of what happens when we refuse to accept change or the refusal to move on when change has taken place. It is a sign that all faith in life has been lost.  Death Reversed suggests that you may be continuing to grieve and mourn for a past that will not come back. You may get stuck in the past or prefer to live in the past which brings stagnation and a limited approach to life and the sheer experience of living.  Change in all forms is feared and avoided.  You might be stuck in your ways with narrow beliefs and attitudes colouring your thoughts and approach to life. You may fear anything or anybody who operates outside your belief system. Death Reversed can turn you negative and depressing to be around as you seek to instill the same fear in others.

Death Reversed can have you deluding yourself to stay in a relationship that is well past its sell-by-date, miserable and depressed, too afraid to do anything about it.  You may be staying in a relationship that is dead out of duty and obligation.  Look for the presence of The Heirophant in such a situation. Something or someone you thought dead and gone in your past may have resurfaced making you fearful and uneasy as your past comes back to haunt you.  Negative patterns in your life repeat themselves endlessly leaving you feeling powerless and pessimistic.  On thE other hand a relationship once thought dead and gone may be re-ignited.  You may be getting remarried to the same person you divorced.  Other cards would need to support this.

Death Reversed suggests that you are resisting change and so only operate on old energy that does not sustain or enrich you.  You need new energy in your life but you must be prepared to make some sacrifices first. Nothing positive can happen and nothing new can be initiated until you let go the old.   When you refuse to give up negative things in your life, outdated attitudes or negative  patterns The Universe will eventually do it for you.  It may take you unaware or  from a different angle.  The changes may be shocking, traumatic or even catastrophic. If you initiate the changes yourself you will feel more in control. Tiredness, exhaustion, depression, physical ailments are common when Death Reverses as you are starved of new energy or positive chi.

On the other hand you may be coming out of an apparent Dead Time in your life or recovering from a near fatal illness or condition. Near Death experiences can be suggested with someone literally coming back from the dead. You may be coming out of a time of mourning and finding meaning and light in your life again.  Maybe you are consulting the services of a medium or psychic in an attempt to make contact with the spirit world or might be a medium yourself.

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