The Tower (XVI) Upright

The Tower (XVI) Upright

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The Tower Upright


Astrological Association – Mars

If you thought that Death riding into town was bad enough, forcing you to make all those scary changes in your life, well you better brace yourself for the arrival of the energy of The Tower.

When The Tower appears in a reading sudden change is coming and there is no way to avoid it. This change could be quite brutal, unexpected and destructive. Change is forced upon you now whether you want it or not, although like in the Death card, this change is often sought on a Subconscious or Universe level. The Tower is what happens when we cling on to things, people, attitudes or beliefs that are neither worthy of us nor healthy for us in mind, body and spirit. The Tower releases you, sometimes by force,  from the enslavement of The Devil. If you build your life, relationships, friends etc on rocky foundations,  eventually cracks can appear. When too much pressure is applied these cracks split wide open and the whole lot can come tumbling down around you.

In The Tower Card we see a tall narrow tower perched precariously on the top of a mountain. The sky in the background is black. It looks as if an explosion has just taken place. The crown on top of the roof has literally been blown off with the force, and flames sprout from the top, and out of all the windows. Two figures, a man and woman have either been blasted out of the windows or have jumped to escape the flames. Fire balls fall like droplets around them as clouds of smoke rise in the sky. By the look on the face of the man and woman, they had no idea this was coming, had no time to save their possessions or even to get properly dressed. They may have been asleep when the blast shook them from their beds and out the window. Whatever they have been doing in their lives has come to a head and burst and we are now left with this dreadfully shocking scene. Like a pressure pot when steam cannot escape, it has eventually exploded. They should have checked their building to see if it could stand up to the sheer force of such pressure. On first impressions their tower looks strong, but then looks can be deceiving.

Sometimes, when a situation is bad and we feel trapped, be it in a dead-end job, an unhappy relationship or marriage, way of life and even addictions, we may want to get out of it or change ourselves but we lack the inner strength, courage or energy to bring about such change. We may desire change, escape and freedom but we fear what that change will involve and all those things we might have to give up. Not bothered to do anything about it ourselves, deep down we  guiltily hope that something drastic will happen and act as a catalyst for the desired change. Maybe, you hope the company you work for will go bang and then you will have to do something about getting a new job. Perhaps you want your husband or wife to  find out about your affair and force a separation rather than sitting down and  telling them you no longer love them. Maybe if I accidently overdose on cocaine and end up in hospital, then I will be forced to sort out my drug problem. It is The Tower that delivers such deep down desires.

The Tower is at work around you when you lose your job, your fiance breaks off the engagement, you crash your car and have your wallet stolen all in the one day. The Tower brings you back down to earth with a bang and it is best not to resist it for it will be all the worse for you if you think you can outsmart it. When we refuse to free ourselves from an unsuitable situation or belief system,  The Tower is sent in by The Universe and does it for us. The Universe will only tolerate you straying off your Spiritual Path for so long.  She will wait around and see if you will come to your senses of your own accord, but if she does not see that happening, eventually she will intervene. Whatever method she chooses  to shock you out of complacency it is best to go along with it.

Change is bound to be out of your control and will be impossible to avoid. The change The Tower brings can be shocking and violent. The Tower can bring death, a car crash, a sudden major illness. On the other hand it could bring sudden wealth or fame just  as easily and again without warning.

Numerically The Tower reduces down to number 7 which suggests that the energy it brings will indeed be severly challenging.


The Tower appearing in a reading represents a time when your very foundations are shaken to the very core. Friends can turn against you. You may suddenly lose your job. A business can collapse overnight. Your partner can suddenly up and leave you. You could crash your car, be caught up in a bank robbery or  act of violence. Your house may burn to the ground. Sudden ill-health and hospitalisation may occur. You could lose all your money in a stock market crash. It is possible that you will get shocking news of some sort.

The Tower represents a sudden wake up call in your life. The changes it brings will be harsh but in the long run will generally be understood and cleansing. Again remember that this time too will pass. After the path has been cleared for you, you will be much the wiser and better informed to continue on your journey. Those things that we seek to possess, can in turn possess us, as in The Devil. In order for us to progress to The World card and success, we must first free ourselves from limiting and unhealthy circumstances and choices.

The Tower Card, however, takes control out of our hands and when it appears the fallout from it can be frightening.  There are many times when The Tower appears as an acknowledgement of a terrible trauma that has happened or the warning of one coming down the track.  You may be powerless to stop it.  The energy The Tower brings is not gentle and mild.  We must remember that The Tower card appearing in a reading does not alway pertain to the person having the reading done.  If there has been a tragedy or trauma then its effect can be far-reaching as many innocent people can get hurt by its onslaught.

Catastrophies in general can happen when The Tower appears. It is too late to avoid whatever is going to happen and whatever changes are going to occur. It is a time to release and let go of what you have been clinging onto for so long. It really is not healthy for you.  The Tower rattles your chains and forces you into the present. Remember, The Tower is only one of the cards that represents physical death.  You would need to have at least four of the remaining cards  in the reading to suggest an actual death, but The Tower does issue a grave warning.

Bank Repossessions, evictions from home, business or land are possible when The Tower appears.  Depending on which position this card appears in can make the difference between it being a real threat or just one of your greatest fears. The Tower can often represent what we consider to be our greatest nightmare and may not actually be based on fact. Losing your home may be the ultimate horror for someone and for another it may be losing their partner. Look to surrounding card for further information to determine what The Tower is representing.

You may be cast out by your family or group of friends as people turn against you. In fact when the going gets tough it will be interesting to see who stays around to help you out. Have you got any real friends at all? What have you done to deserve such treatment? Have you fallen from grace or where you thrown out of office? The Tower indicates a sudden downfall.  It can also represent an overthrown corrupt or outworn government or leader.

Whatever you have built up is now being put to the test.  How strong do you think it is? The Tower will blast away any false sense of security and expose things for what they really are.  Aggressive rows, emotional outbursts or violence are quite common with The Tower. You may literally blow your top about a situation.   Whatever you have been suppressing can no longer be contained. You may have opened a can of worms and exposed people for what they really are.  The truth is out and those involved may be running crazy trying to cover their tracks.  Alibis and support will be thin on the ground.  Anything that is false or pretence will be blasted away by The Tower.  Anything that has been built on the misery of others will be taken from you. You will not be able to run for cover to your Ivory Tower as there is nowhere to hide and has probably been already razed to the ground.

A Relationship or marriage may suddenly collapse. It was probably not built on strong foundations in the first place.  You may discover something quite shocking or even scandalous about your partner.  A rotten secret may be revealed leaving you reeling with disgust.  You may be thrown out by your partner withyour clothes and possessions hurled out onto the street.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and storms can be suggested. The crown in The Tower also symbolises the Crown Chakra. Brain disturbances and serious migraines may be a concern and need to be investigated. Mental overload could lead to eventual collapse. Excess psychic energy could be building up which needs to be grounded.

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